But good nanaco earn mileage if Edy also a favorite pastime

How to earn double mileage in fine payment at a convenience store

I think using the nanaco ANA mileage and nanaco points Exchange can be from the coming double points.

That is where nanaco is available close to the unusually high or low, 7 there are also eleven to not like it.

Even the Edamame soy beans Mylar so 7 is not eleven like.

Then introduce the way besides nanaco mileage saved at great rates.



I don't like seven-eleven


I wrote in the first sentence, but personally the eleven I don't like that.

So better nanaco was what deals are available, likes and dislikes, ANA mileage on I don't want to use too much and thinking, I don't want to use.

Is the convenience store like you without like convenience stores, is not it?

Most well-liked in Japan probably 7-Eleven would be a stores in many sushi and Edamame soy beans Mylar around 7 tend to like soccer.

It is, however, not like a convenience store located at home or at work.

If in the municipal or metropolitan area if you choose is, but is no longer state that jostle for staff going into residential areas, etc..

7 is located in front of the House likes soccer, but Lawson who, I like FamilyMart, near the workplace 7 I think only eleven and Lawson, it.

The introduction to ANA mileage and nanaco points tie the various blogs are recommended by nanaco payments doubled, but here in the nanaco rather enjoyable heaven Edy at ANA earning mileage on.


Cannot be replaced like Lawson ANA mile


Lawson's favorite convenience store.

Is not replaced ANA mile, putting Lawson Ponta.

Ponta is recommended because it has partnered with JAL JAL Mileage saving.

Lawson Ponta online point so no matter how presented even when better.

If you cannot point directly to pay will accompany the come point.

Card comes back, saying during this payment points not because clerks, but otherwise have come point.

Recently also non-point not card you have?To hear and I don't come point, shops will be Lawson Ponta card was introduced when he's less system understand not.


nanaco → ANA mile

T point → ANA mile



JAL Mileage with the points system of the distribution and retail system is weak because it only Ponta is a shame.


Earn mileage by famima because like famichicke


Can't save ANA mileage at Lawson Mylar Edamame soy beans in delicious famichicke FamilyMart save ANA mileage at great rates.

Think many people populate the lunch at a convenience store, an office worker who is in FamilyMart triple take point becomes available.


with < first &gt; T point card

< Second &gt;

Rakuten Edy (wallet) payment at the Midget

< Third
&gt; Rakuten Edy (Osaifu-Keitai) to charge by credit card mileage or reward


Point site shown is not necessarily gaining large numbers of mileage at a stretch, but every day in the convenience store lunch is easier because the State waiting for doing this or who are buying rice, just noticed it and earn from.

Payment, if you have credit card with T point also presented T point with Edy would directly using credit cards at a convenience store because you get the opportunity will become increasingly scarce.

I'm think may have already noticed, Lawson also could do the same thing.

Charge on credit card to present + Edy payment + Edy Ponta card

Is it nice I 分karechi unlike the famima and end up miles.


Convenience store what is-is to present at Lawson Ponta card and ku使, in cash and famima T card out forget got it… in a convenience store who save easy way.

Dust accumulates, too-in the little day to day shopping leads to travel in miles.


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