First step in hapitas to a large mileage activity usage summary

If you collect mileage with hapitas

Who want to travel and save a lot of mileage is massive mileage points to run both steadily accumulating, and go save large amounts of monthly parts.

I think saving ANA tickets on popular routes, even a little easier to take then is saved in foams, high exchange rate that JAL Mileage.

Earn mileage on either exchange rates vary, but to also point site would be required.

The introduction together using Mylar Edamame soy beans best points sites.

Using the hapitas the most points are easy to earn

Travelers are often those saving mileage is introducing point site in blogs, etc, are diligent in its particular ANA Mileage point site called hapitas is very popular.

Said one point site hapitas, Mylar Edamame soy beans benefit from the previous point site and service name changes once, but long run point site.

A popular reason is

  • That can risk a long operation period
  • That site listed company information and
  • There are points of high level issues that
  • Ease of points earned by the referral system.

And the point would be.

It seems also have to cash the points in point site not listed company information, only the new time of troubles.

No risk point site there said the cash made in the long term it is expected.

If If you have many non-cash from hapitas already on the net that brim with should.

That is teeming with information without that information, many times have ready cash for safe and available.

What is a hapitas?

So, what site with hapitas?

Is the service get points by doing hapitas on nutshell, projects (brochures and questionnaires).

Company was Ecurrency co., a company initially osvision co., Ltd., established.

Founded in 2006, headquartered in Jinbo-cho.

It is hapitas plays the role of connecting the companies aim to develop new customers and our consumers.

Approach to increase as employers want know their products and services and specifically want to approach as many people are not only our own media.

There are increasing opportunities stricken advertising point site or buy cheaper products I request information, get to know their service, etc..

So to speak, positioning, web version of the ad agency?

It is also ads in magazines and newspapers to pay media (posted on the medium side) the seller of the products and services, you are putting the State doing it on the web.

Comes with many benefits, such as in print media such as magazines and newspapers hard to directly benefits if there is less, but if the web was cash points, can be used as electronic money.

Various brochures, surveys, product purchases, such as for advertising (projects) are included in the hapitas, none provide the points advantage to our users.

Gather all company materials when thought is not interested in material things is not good, for example review the insurance is tough, but can request bulk materials hapitas, insurance advisor and help is very much appreciated.

By leveraging these point site, since the point is through the hapitas when you want another credit card expenditure management for the application to the advertiser is a service consumers (users) also benefits occur with each other.

Relationship between hapitas and ANA mile

Translations using hapitas to Ana wants to earn more, it points earned in hapitas as a result and is transferable to the ANA Mileage.

For example, the

 30000 points at hapitas


 PeX 300000 points Exchange

 Down arrow (as an Exchange fee required for additional 500 points)

 Metro 30000 points Exchange

 ↓ (thoracic card owned and once a month, maximum 20000 points)

 ANA mileage earn 27000 miles

It is at relay point site of PeX and Metro point through this point of hapitas ANA mileage Exchange is possible.

Said ANA mileage easy to save is a thoracic cards required and retained for Metro point gave above to replace ANA Mileage.

Is that during JAL mileage later as compared to have friendly and professional, point to Exchange mileage in most cases exchange rate is 50%, that is thanks thoracic card becomes the 15000 mileage 30000 points at once is 30000 points 27000 mileage can be replaced because of an original in the number of mileage that can be earned in the same number of points ANA dramatically increases.

Hapitas earn mileage toward first of all should be

On obtaining the ANA mileage first thing, it has two.

Application of thoracic card

It is precisely because, as discussed in the previous section have thoracic ANA mileage easy to accumulate than JAL.

Those who don’t yet have high exchange rate without thoracic card, not to earn, so please apply here.

Can integrate with mileage to enter membership number when making application, already join ANA Mileage Club, don’t forget to let me enter.

Sun point course selection, also will be in the billions, but should opt for “multi points course (5 miles) here.

Do not take commissions if you earn mileage from a point site is the automatic migration and even less point it migrated freely, so not good.

If people feel uncomfortable about the review of the credit card try to reference this article (thoracic card is not higher examination criteria cards).

< Reference article &gt;

About credit card review

Fell into the thoracic card review! The cause is

If you want to earn the planned cancellation of credit card

Hapitas registration

After thoracic card application is registered to hapitas.

Note that you could have 30 points when you join hapitas hapitas registration is via the banner below grants 30 points to new enrollees, but via a search such as Google.

Start smart hapitas life in the page that appears, click the banner below and then join us.
Plus the happy daily life | hapitas

To register to enter email address and password and nickname.

Anyone who bothers to the email address you entered when one day several mail-because the free address and get new one, we recommend to register in the address.

Fixed telephone (by automated voice authorization) is possible require authentication on your mobile phone (SMS) when you register to enter mobile phone number is required.

Also I get a call from the hapitas call me from the Edamame soy beans Mylar is registered on the phone do not know after hapitas registration number ever again.

If you enter the authorization numbers received SMS mobile phone because it comes after the tentative registration confirmation mail registration to hapitas is completed.

Working time is less than 5 minutes in all. 

The advantage of hapitas on earning miles

Only handle issues after you register to the hapitas, where number provides the advantage in the site that point.

Enters enrollees to register through the banner above and 30 points this is from hapitas granted to the referral points.

This mechanism is referred to as the “refer a friend (the happy friends) system.

Hapitas matters one application with many conditional stuff to once there.

Projects cannot be registered case said it is possible do this to one to three years after registration, but three or four years and also increasing.

Still go make friends with the happy friend system (hapitas to member introductions) and several percent of points you earned happy friends and the same amount is given the happy friend.

Hapitas excels at won the point mass at done deal yourself the first few years and offer the stability and continuity is then hapitas to demonstrate user points is.

Are the happy friends membership immediately refer a friend first and foremost, happy friend will not increase.

Why not?

Get the sympathy we recommend one does not experience himself.

At first doing the project yourself is at least three years, won the mileage trip.

Empathy is obtained by referring friends and acquaintances, including the experience that we gained, and photography, and friends taking advantage of hapitas think like.

Is Edamame soy beans Mylar also taught fellow travellers immediately after hapitas registration, I said “something suspicious”.

But it is far more than the travel companion of travel is to go, for the first time, why so much go on a trip?Tell me if you have the key!It was said.

This blog was born in history said, but keep it.

Try the experience to earn the points first of all, everyone goes out to travel by plane, eat a lot of delicious food, obtained by hapitas points.

Feel for yourself and really recommend them as good as gave invite to friends

What is first of all from me!It is.

And at another point site is the high point of most are is not eligible for the refer a friend hapitas will qualify for the refer a friend in all cases.

And experience the benefits and other sites point site registration after couple of years it is a three-year-you can feel as a hapitas registrant benefits after four years.

Weakness of the hapitas is the limit

Is hapitas so far have been recommended to have, there are only weak point.

It is monthly point Exchange limit (maximum) up to 30000 points.

Also had many 100000, millions points not to PeX and cash only 30000 points monthly.

It is not taken into account in the perspective of the management company may think as consumers want without limit, deal with the matter.

Not stable in totally unpredictable state point bet millions at any cash or do not know, when there is some spending or state management.

If maximum 30000, it can estimate the maximum spending limit as the maximum figures put the number of members, stable management.

Limit is required to convert points to mileage and cash to continue because the company had smashed so think about it, no matter how much point even doesn’t mean we also wish you a pleasant and understanding and should be.

So to continue the situation is not only good if it’s the advertisers, introduction to mediator (hapitas), users, each benefits maximum benefits for users eventually let us use it in mind.

Thoracic card arrives

Application after thoracic card given at first should be the card you receive for ANA Mileage etc. are some registration will be required.

Please I got a card, because it provides the following articles for more information.

Thoracic card arrives in your hand

Should finish of the relay point site PeX thoracic card will arrive and begin earning points at hapitas.

PeX registration click here &gt; &gt; PeX redeem points

When doing projects in hapitas actually points to order please refer to article.

How to make hapitas register and begin to do things and point

Projects in the hapitas get over 10000 miles 

Issues and points columns be hapitas in the issuance of credit cards and FX account opening & three transactions, insurance consultation.

I think it is the possibility for credit card issuers use to following article becomes the jury rejected.

In hapitas earn large amounts of credit card issue is very important to replace ANA miles.

So will konasenaku projects is six months and fall to the jury once application as carefully as possible.

Cards over one month to sign up for the rush thing is absolutely NG.

About credit card review

Fell into the thoracic card review! The cause is

If you want to earn the planned cancellation of credit card

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Earn mileage on land land Mylar essential thoracic cards

Thoracic card arrives in your hand

You need to earn large amounts at a higher exchange rate exchanging mileage from point.Describes how to use credit cards known as thoracic card to enable it.

And why hapitas is essential to earn miles

Required point site hapitas earn with their recommended reason

Hapitas as the most easy-to-save mileage point site recommend this blog.You can see if you read this article is the best reason.

How to get the point that is the first step in earning

Projects in the hapitas get over 10000 miles

Usage in hapitas described as well as the specific issues in this article.

How to replace the mileage from point

Hapitas →.money root opening! ANA mileage Exchange is wholly free of the strongest root birth!

Great save, and in Exchange for excellent sites point site.
It is a first step in order ANA mileage points earned in hapitas and the desired relay point site description.

How to replace the mileage from hapitas

How to replace ANA mileage points earned in hapitas

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