New route 9 / JAL Mileage from the start!

A new route JAL Mileage earning

JAL is often on this blog to write about ANA mileage earn more, but not like is usually saving JAL.

Edamame soy beans Mylar also uses both the ANA and JAL.

JAL Mileage saving because I was able to earn new mileage of JAL's routes to introduce.



Chubu Electric Power Co. and JAL partnership

The other day, JAL and Chubu Electric Power Co. jointly issued a press release.

It was agreed to carry for JAL Mileage Bank JAL's frequent-flyer mileage exchange point services of Chubu Electric power consumer WEB service "Catherine" and the contents of that.

You can guess and trying to gain new customers with each other to improve the usability of existing customers with mileage or points system.

Is the WEB service of Chubu Electric Power Co., Catherine-earn points depending on the amount of electricity used and fee services, read the content within the site answered a questionnaire, not earn points click point grant services.

Also, you e-statement registration points can get.

There is exchange rate with ANA mileage change in the thoracic card for Chubu Electric power, so takes on the exchange deals, JAL Group to Exchange days greatly reduced benefits.


From the Chubu Electric Power Co. is the highest exchange rate in JAL routes

Chubu Electric Power Co., LuLuCa point → point TLC →.monek → JAL Mileage

And Exchange days were about 127 days.


Most shorter replacement route

D point → Chubu Electric Power Co. and JAL

And will take about 116 days, is because this route has docomo users limited to non-docomo cannot be used.


JAL mileage migration the through point d is no longer needed


You no longer need to route through the shortest route d point by Chubu Electric Power Co. and JAL are affiliated with, docomo users mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

In addition, docomo users non-staff to replace JAL mileage route is ready.

route d points through the same exchange rate → Chubu Electric power for JAL Mileage probably Exchange days early and it seems.

Pinch the d point is this root Exchange days are still unconfirmed, but longer is unthinkable, here is now the shortest route, and is.


As the exchange rate → Catherine point 1 mileage and 50% never high exchange rate, since said that is not the General exchange rate.

In addition, travelers fill supporting the mileage than that can redeem 100 points and mileage to save large amounts of missing Exchange primary likely to be.


JAL's future prospects


Becomes affiliated with JAL and Chubu Electric Power Co., came out to some new replacement route, but I not the Chubu Electric power company… and there are those who are not it.

Edamame soy beans Miler than central power but is not because honestly no benefits under the present situation, but purposely introduce include translation.


It is half of the power produced by the affiliated Chubu Electric Power Co. could sell at Tokyo electric power, Chubu Electric Power Co., and Tokyo electric power in parts of the thermal power stations affiliated with.

In other words, can deploy services attractive to Chubu Electric Power Co., Chubu Electric Power Co. has operations in Tokyo electric power in Tokyo electric power customer acquisition much may.

With Catherine points to replace JAL, and contracting, Chubu Electric Power Co. and Tokyo electric power's may spread further.

This is a partnership born in accidents caused in 2011, Tokyo Electric Power Co. nuclear power plant operational becomes necessary.

You may provide business cooperation, complement each other's strengths and weaknesses to the Tokyo Electric Power Co. and Chubu Electric power.

More likely is a partnership between power companies at the same time, it leads us mileage in ANA and JAL have their own points system future JAL Mileage various point systems to move away from like is coming may.

-Mile migration from the central power of minimum and 100 points (50-mile) line is considered from little things, same as future partners and also with the fewest points-mileage migration becomes possible.


→ Catherine point from September, JAL


Catherine point of introducing the Chubu Electric power company to replace JAL mileage route is scheduled to start from September.

Exchange rate if you positively recommend via thoracic card like JAL, JAL not hate people since September, is consider this route is?.


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