Introduction of lie-flat seats ANA Haneda – Honolulu flights

Overseas trip on ANA


This years, I continued to travel (or was putting emphasis on a domestic trip, the reason why a Hawaii, not.See), but speaking of Taiwan said that-and thought, what if I wanted to know where to get brochures, I noticed the eyes of Hawaii's.


Nice Hawaii right to land Mylar is very popular.


I am going to Taiwan and Hawaii, either to you while I tried retrieving information, what ANA Haneda – Honolulu route and equipment from 2016, 10/30 equipment have been changed, became seat in business class lie-flat seats.



ANA Haneda – Honolulu flight equipment changes


If you are not a difference in memories, in April of this year (in 2016) ANA Haneda – Honolulu route changed equipment just would-be, should be did you mean from there in half a year and introduction of new equipment and ANA also steal Haneda – Honolulu route towards in earnest began to move.


JAL ANA has odds actually speaking of Hawaii?But I thought and wrote, to introduce first-class ANA Haneda – Honolulu route in 2019, so no big move until it is first established prior to seizure of customer Ana taking us toward that is.


Haneda – Honolulu route in many of JAL JAL users may flows at ANA because ANA is moving toward seizure of customers on this route is fairly ordinary things, because even the local JAL and provide service to use JAL Japanese without waiting for the year 2019.


First installation with you from JAL to ANA is hopeless but this lie-flat seats much flowing to ANA?

Think about things is kinda hard to forecast, in 7 hours fly time and local business class lie-flat seats of the ANA become popular.


ANA business class Haneda-mileage if you practice the way ANA mileage Honolulu route at once by using a point site to save large amounts of easy money is available.

Who let us use the business class lie-flat seats, said JAL than ANA is easy to earn and I think many Yes.


Ana first class future in 2019


Speaking of Hawaii JAL ANA are losing?But I wrote as ANA in 2019 Haneda – Honolulu flights to first class will be.

I don't think many people, proximity to service in first class, business class, and first class is better.


With ANA to introduce first class on continued state say JAL's monopoly until the year 2019 2019 flights for more than one, to introduce the first of the large, expensive to make a difference.

In that sense this equipment change is through point up to the first class introduction.


Lie-flat seats are placed until they 12/29!What is ahead?


Don't say lie-flat seats in business class aircraft now from 10/30 to 12/29 announcement is put back on the old equipment is unlikely to be continued 12/30?


Can not say anything and this is no official announcement of the ANA in the past like this → new equipment introduced at intervals fleet a few months ahead of changes announced that the tide is there end of year holiday season is expected introduction of this equipment.


And what circumstances are going to Hawaii on new year holidays end of patented and already 12/29 ticket new equipment-full-flat seats guaranteed and are taking a ticket to 12/30 forward to announce that.


< 8/29/2016 added:

Announcements from ANA, ANA Haneda – Honolulu flights full flat sheet equipment was fixed until the end of the 5/2017!

It seems perhaps the Emirates A380 first class prior to stay.

Coming shows by various support ANA as a countermeasure to the JAL, JAL also apparently kept passengers from taking on ANA taken to respond.

More and more, at Haneda – Honolulu flight becomes comfortable.


Is not too familiar with the equipment, but the lie-flat seats required to travel have a certain amount of flight hours, as long as I'm happy.

< Sidenote here &gt;


It is good to spend time in the year-end and new year holidays visiting Hawaii, comfortable cabin.



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