The good point site followed by hapitas for ANA Mylar PONEY!?

To earn mileage for the ANA Mylar that use hapitas a lot, but the only drawback is that a two-tier system.

People go saved it is no problem to people who already have 1000 and 2000 people a happy friend, and will most likely increase also does not increase the happy friends = points for best points sites is what we.

Three tier system little friends well can earn points

Also told in why bad hapitas quality system ease-to-earn mileage is only the number of points earned than the pretty friend, happy for a 2 tier system, increase worries many.

It is also considerably increases be happy my friend ask the family in the early days, and then presents in Twitter, blog, etc., blog management is difficult.

Also, I advise you to a real friend would say ‘suspicious’.

Actually point site not at all suspicious and uses a points card, stores ‘suspicious’ even exists, even though Internet is the fact that people simply do not have the correct knowledge and information on, and to make such decisions.

Redeeming such hapitas is a three-tier system.

Recapping will become the difference between tier 2 and tier 3, you can see how many would leave.

Could you also friends < 2 tier, such as (hapitas) &gt; yourself (A) → → →
→ → → introduction introduced friends (B) points.
  Earn points breakdown of th
eir (A); 1 will not be reduced s
ome * friends of the amount of points won
their (A) earn points 2 friends (B) (B) points.

< 3 tier (abcdcurrent balls) &gt;
could well ahead of my friends with my friend yourself (A) → → → → → → introduct
ion to friend (B) → → → → introduction → friends (C) introduced the points.
  Earn points breakdown of
their (A); 1 some of the poi
nts you earned points earned points 2
friends’s (A) (B) (C) part 3 friends

 * Friends (B) will not be fewer friends (C) points.

So you can earn points even fewer of my friends friend would show filled with 2 tier than you know you can earn more money in the same three-tiered friend number. 

Become the centerpiece of the three-tier system? PONEY![Pony]

ANA mileage replaceable, in the three-tiered system easy-to-make, PeX and.monek and PONEY replaceable point site! It is. 

PONEY!With friends was introduced to increase the points earned at all in as large amounts of points coming on a regular basis.

3 tier-2 tear and did not use my friend suddenly points less risk but said fewer such risks to get popular point site itself.

Each other come out favorable opportunities and increases the number of users by the popular thing that comes benefits.

Root of thoracic card (ANA mileage earning dramatically do it just for more information!Learn how ANA miles) can be put at the root of the thoracic card can earn large amounts of ANA mileage can be used, but only 3-tier system point PONEY at!It is.

It would be good to surpass the hapitas in the next issue as soon as possible, so register now and you make friends.

PONEY!In the operation’s marketplace

Company name Marketplace Inc.<Marketplace ,=”” inc.=””></Marketplace>
Location 108-0075, Japan, Tokyo, Minato-ku, Konan 2-16-2 Sun Life Shinagawa building 28F
Phone number 03-6869-7596
FAX 03-6869-7597
Contact From here please
Established. 5/23/2006
Capital 10 million JPY
Representative Fuda Shunsuke
Description of business Planning and operation of point services sites “PONEY”

Turns out because it has been operated in incorporated company marketplace, the company is not a questionable sites.

Now’s a PONEY!Is a site that has previously operated points site called “pig choki”.

Conditions change after this “pig choki” was also excellent, but the reputation is not so good, were terminated because the accumulation of points at all towards the PONEY!To be here recently is becoming increasingly pretty expensive deal.

Improved management, as enrollment is increasing.

Had take advantage from the earlier “pig choki” due to the point site closure, has been to withdraw once, so “pig choki” registrant also PONEY!To the re-registration becomes necessary.

PONEY!Of the register from the banner below please.Register here and upon joining the 5000 points, you will enjoy.
PONEY point site!

PONEY!Is the following four elements can be determined on the ANA mileage point site and it seems.

  1. And a number of good points ot
    her than at high point projects has been increasing in recent and in many cases has begun to earning top sites.
    I expect this trend will continue.
    Because in the past, → user decline due to changes in terms experience of site closure, not repeat the same mistakes.
    As conditions change, but comparable to other sites not intended.
  2. Friend referral system is
    three-tiered which is mentioned at the beginning, as more than 2 tier 3 tier points are easy to save and even fewer friends will most likely mass points.
    Adjectives conjugate in good point site uses a three-tier system of ball it is.
    Is abcdcurrent no ball PONEY!Think of good reasons are given in next 3.
  3. Abcdcurrent although ball root ANA miles, poor exchange rates are featured, not.
    PONEY ANA mileage to end at higher exchange rates etc!For it can be concluded that better.
    Using point site can redeem points earned when ANA mileage ANA mileage how much of what is important.
    Abcdcurrent ball end points will decrease by intermediaries to the ANA Mileage, the exchange rate was not high.
    To reverse a PONEY!That has become a hapitas the same relay number for the higher exchange rate.
  4. Replacement li
    mit are unlimited hapitas, 30000 monthly exchange limit of neck.
    No matter how large amounts of points earned at only 30000 in Exchange and cash becomes a situation and can’t earn points on the other hand, the PONEY!If the point cannot be used because there are unlimited replaceme
    nt upper (but likely to increase, this increase points when conditions change and assume) does not raise.

 PONEY!Are lots of less expensive projects, but which point site you get what is examined immediately.
No expensive opportunity to leave them alone is only good.

And the remarkable thing is the high point of increasing wrote in one of the above judgement,.
It is wise to go identify the future direction of growth rate and inflation, without judgment or the high point is greater than the other sites, or less in the better.

Please note a PONEY!That is 100 points = 1 yen.

In Maine, hapitas becasue it is with 1 point = 1 yen, which is a PONEY!Will try not to judge alone is 1/100 of the hapitas the number of points.

PONEY!On how to register

PONEY!In out of interest, please register from here have.
It’s gradually rising popularity the PONEY!For registration click here

Click the above banner is registered, please enter the required name, etc..

Kahoo!ID is registered, but not this good.
We recommend not recommend too much together ID point site and other services, IDENTITY management is easier, but information leakage even big sites, so to self manage the ID separately.

Email address you registered on provisional registration confirmation email you will receive.

During its registration as of access there because it also contains the address is complete.

Make sure to complete this registration and you will receive the email.

Some cannot register from the site.

Appears when you try to register such that leave’s a PONEY!The may be on limited provider.

Provider that is targeted cannot currently conducts the registration regulations and the registration from the register of

In this case, there is displayed above, visit the contact us page then let’s send.

In 1-2 days will contact support center.

Edamame soy beans Mylar if you while using the provider and Member registration hours to reply only.

Once registered as limited provider in oppinion, had problems in the past, but once the service itself without problems, is available.

Point site to take advantage of this opportunity and try starting to ANA’s earn?.
PONEY!For registration click here ↓
cashed free of charge!You can make money point site PONEY!

ANA heavy mileage summary information

ANA Mileage for sure thing!

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ANA mileage earning dramatically if we all do it!How to save ANA mile

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Just by reading this article that they can sufficiently;

Vol. 2

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Writing techniques to use machines with the idea specifically to earning mileage and travel show, we used to earn miles.

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