How to go to watch F1 GP using ANA Mileage

F1 to watch at mileages

Frequently, F1 (Formula 1) is on the subject handled in this blog.

That is because I am hoping that Japan’s airlines ANA and JAL will be able to successfully utilize F1 in terms of business availability that F1 and airline are closely involved in.

Regarding the aspect of F1 business, I wrote in “Why will ANA and JAL not use F1, and what is the F1 Japan GP title sponsor in 2016 Emirates ANA or JAL?

The F1 season in 2017 has finally started, we will introduce a recommended flight to watch the F1 overseas Grand Prix by saving mileages.

Those who have not yet accumulated miles this year, please try to save miles with the goal after knowing in advance which route is good for next year, how much mileage is needed.


How to visit F1 in Melbourne Australia with mileages.

The opening race of F1 in 2017 will be held at the Albert Park Circuit in Melbourne, Australia.

I do not know if it will be the opening game next year, but I will show you how to go to Melbourne with ANA Mileage.

However, if you go to Australia using ANA Miles you’ve saved, the Star Alliance is somewhat unwieldy.

Because Qantas which operates direct flights from Japan to Australia is a one-line affiliate, there is no direct flight from Japan to Melbourne on Star Alliance.

Let ‘s take a look at what the route going to Melbourne uses Star Alliance that can use ANA Mileages.

Tokyo (Haneda) – via Singapore – Melbourne Route (ANA + Singapore Airlines)

From Haneda to Melbourne via Singapore will be the shortest travel time.

Haneda airport 00:10 departure> NH 843 flight (ANA)> Singapore airport 06:35 arrival
Singapore airport 07:45 departures> SQ 207 (Singapore Airlines)> Melbourne airport 18:10 arrival

From Haneda to ANA to Singapore, change to Singapore Airlines, which is the same Star Alliance as ANA, heading to Melbourne.

In this route we will move Haneda and Melbourne in about 8 hours and the transfer time at Singapore Airport will be 1 hour 10 minutes.

Since we will acquire it with award tickets of Star Alliance (partner airline) instead of ANA’s award ticket, the required ANA mileage will be 50,000 miles in Economy (Y) class.

Mileage required for award tickets

80,000 miles for business (C) class and 150,000 miles for first class will be required.

If you watch all the F1 war games, it is advantageous to travel around the world, but if you watch one or two times a year, you can save miles and go to see it is recommended.

Because, during the F1 period, if you do not book early, your ticket will be very high. If it is an award ticket, there is no change in the required mileage due to the season.

Because it costs the expensive ticket fee and hotel accommodation expenses for F1 watching, you can watch F1 while suppressing cash expenses by converting miles to an award ticket without buying air tickets.

If it is an economy class, if you save 56,000 points with Hapitas, it will never be difficult because you will be using ANA 50,000 miles with Sorachi Rute.

However, because this ANA operated flight is used via Singapore, there are possibilities that many Japanese users are hard to pick up award tickets.

When you can not get the ticket of this route it is recommended to use Thai Airways route.

Tokyo (Haneda) – via Bangkok – Melbourne route (Thai Airways)

From Haneda via Bangkok to Melbourne there is a way to use ANA flights to Bangkok, but here we recommend a route using Thai Airways only.

There is a high possibility that it is easier to take an award ticket from ANA where there are many Japanese users, and the travel time changes only about 10 minutes from ANA convenience (via Bangkok).

Haneda Airport 00:20> TG 661 (Thai Airways)> Suvarnabhumi Airport 05:25 arrived
Suvarnabhumi International Airport 08:10 departure> TG 461 (Thai Airways)> Melbourne Airport 21: 20 Arrival

From Haneda to Thailand to Bangkok, it is the route to change to Melbourne of the same Thai Airways.

With this route, we will move Haneda and Melbourne in approximately 21 hours, and the transfer time at Suvarnabhumi International Airport will be 2 hours and 45 minutes.

As with Singapore as well, it will be acquired with the award ticket of the Star Alliance (partner airline) instead of ANA’s award tickets, so the required ANA mileage is 50,000 miles in the economy (Y) class, business C) 80,000 miles for the class and 150,000 miles for the first class.

For reference, using ANA from Haneda to Bangkok will be as follows.

Haneda Airport from 00:30> NH 849 (ANA)> Suvarnabhumi International Airport 05:35 arrived
Suvarnabhumi International Airport 08:10 departure> TG 461 (Thai Airways)> Melbourne Airport 21: 20 Arrival

Although it is often F1 that goes to watching using the F1 watching tour provided by a travel agency, it will take about 400 thousand to 500 thousand, but if you save mile and go in economy class you can enjoy it with surprisingly low expense is.

If you can not save as much as 50,000 miles, please visit <How to Earn Three Steps Everyone Can Earn ANA Mileage Accounting>.

Next, I will introduce the recommended flight to the Chinese Grand Prix which will be the second game of F1 in 2017.