Expansion of mileage partnership service that can store and use ANA mileage

Traveling overseas by ANA

ANA has expanded overseas mileage alliance service from 10 am on Tuesday, April 25, 2017.

The number of hotels and mileage available hotels where ANA mileage is accumulated has increased dramatically, which means that the benefits of ANA Mileage Club members at their destination have increased.

Let’s look at the newly announced contents of ANA’s newly announced presentation and future direction.


Expand mileage alliance services regardless of domestic and overseas

Along with the expansion of international network of ANA, travel destinations of ANA Mileage Club members are also expanding worldwide.

Along with that, a partnership was announced that will greatly increase the number of facilities where “miles can be earned” and “miles can be used” by services such as overseas hotels, rent-a-car reservations and overseas EC shops.

The hotel can save miles from about 1,100 facilities to about 150,000 facilities and the hotel which can use miles can be increased from about 70 facilities to about 150,000 facilities.

It is a pleasing partnership for people who travel abroad and travel a lot like the plans to go with the number of target stores increasing.

Let’s take a closer look at the contents of the alliance and the service contents.

Partnership with ANA Mileage Club

ANA has partnered with Points, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and Collinson Latitude, headquartered in London, England.

Both Points and Collinson Latitude are service providers of loyalty programs (marketing programs that provide incentives when members purchase), and through partnership with these two companies, ANA Mileage Club members overseas can be received Mileage partnership service will be expanded.

Points Company

Planning and management in member loyalty program based in Toronto, Canada.

Until now, we have developed a member loyalty program by providing our own platforms for hotel reservation and car hire reservation services to companies in more than 50 different industries.

Collinson Latitude Company

Planning and management in member loyalty program based in London, England.

As well as Points Company, Collinson Latitude Company is developing partnerships with various industries based on over 25 years experience, especially specializing in providing affiliated programs in the e-commerce domain.

Service start date after partnership

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 (Tue) 10 o’clock

That is, the service has already started.

The timing of this alliance and the expansion of service expansion and the tie-up announcement were almost at the same time.

Since it is not a capital tie-up, it seems that we announced a tie-up at the same timing as service start.

Service contents

By using the dedicated WEB site(https://www.ana.co.jp/amc/promo/anaglobal/) site you can receive ANA Mileage & Used services like & below.

    You can earn ANA Miles when you book your accommodation in overseas affiliated hotels or overseas rental cars.
     In addition, you can use ANA Mile to accommodate hotel accommodation in Japan and abroad, rental car abroad.
    If you purchase items at a partnering online shop via a dedicated website, you will earn ANA miles according to the purchase price.
    From exclusive website, you can exchange for products that can be delivered overseas with ANA Mileage saved.

Service target person

All ANA Mileage Club members

Paid reservations for “ANA GLOBAL HOTELS” and “ANA GLOBAL CAR RENTAL” can also be used by non-members.

When you try to browse each page from the dedicated site, a screen asking you to log in to the ANA Mileage Club will be displayed, but if you are not a member, there is a banner saying “If you scroll to the bottom of the page you go” without logging in ” So you can go ahead by clicking here.

If you proceed without logging in, you will not be eligible for mileage accrual / redemption. To accumulate ANA mile · To use the service you must be sure to log in before you need to proceed and be careful.

It is not possible to have mileage accumulation etc. afterwards afterwards.

Service area

the whole world

Number of stores targeted for service · Number of products

Mileage Item Before partnership After partnership
Earn mileages ANA GLOBAL HOTELS Approximately 1,100 facilities Approximately 150,000 facilities
ANA GLOBAL CAR RENTAL 5 companies 9 companies
ANA GLOBAL MILEAGE MALL None 2,000 companies
Use mileages ANA GLOBAL HOTELS Approximately 70 facilities Approximately 150,000 facilities
ANA GLOBAL CAR RENTAL None 9 companies
ANA GLOBAL SELECTION About 70 goods About 1,500 items of 400 brands

Usability of ANA GLOBAL site

It is pleasing that the number of hotels that can be used by expanding the service has increased dramatically, but it is a special website ( http: // The usability of www.ana.co.jp/amc/promo/anaglobal/ ) can not be cross-searched very carefully, so if you have detailed conditions at the time of staying, there is some trouble in finding a suitable accommodation destination etc. takes.

Since users are not as satisfied with Expedia etc. as usual because they are as usable as the hotel reservation sites and other overseas companies developed by overseas companies such as Expedia, I think that there is no problem, but it is not currently possible to narrow down by detailed conditions .

I think that it will probably not be possible in the future.

Since the design of the site etc. has good visibility, it has become a type of site structure you see frequently recently, so there will be no big problem in use, but the author himself sets a detailed standard when choosing a lodging place Since there are many cases, I got the impression that it was a little difficult to use.


From 10 am on April 25, 2017 ANA, the hotel can save miles from about 1,100 facilities to about 150 thousand facilities, the hotel can use miles can be increased from about 70 facilities to about 150 thousand facilities Mile We expanded alliance service.

ANA ‘s mileage hotel and hotels overseas where miles can be used are dramatically increased, the benefits of ANA Mileage Club members at travel destinations increase, as well as targeting Asian and overseas customers’ intent to increase more and more There seems to be one aspect of enhanced service.

As ANA seems to focus on importing not only domestic but also overseas customers recently, because the time zone of Haneda departure and arrival slot is conscious of overseas customers, it is important that future ANA Mileage Club members It is a partnership that is likely to have further expectations for expanding services.

If you would like to save ANA’s miles, why do not you try using ANA’s exclusive website when you use overseas and domestic hotels or car rental?

The easiest way to save ANA’s miles is here >> How to store ANA Miles Easy 3 step way anyone can I will explain