Explain how to exchange from “T-point” to ANA mileage.

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The most effective way to save ANA mile is to use Hapitas and Sorachi Kart, but “Hapitas” and “Sorachi Route” have ceiling on monthly point exchange numbers.

With the upper limit, you can only save up to 180,000 miles a month at maximum with the method of transitioning to ANA mile with a high exchange rate using Hapitas or Sorachi Route.

The T-point is the easiest to store if you want to save more miles than the upper limit and also easy to exchange for miles.

This time I will explain how to exchange from T-point to ANA mileage and how much ANA mileage can be accumulated at T-point, how to earn at T-point.


How to exchange from T-point to ANA mileage

The exchange condition from T-point to ANA mileage is as follows.

You can not return points you applied for ANA mileage to T point.

ANA customer number is required for exchange.

It is necessary that the name of the T point card and the name of the ANA Mileage Club are the same.
 It is important to note that if you enter an ANA customer number other than yourself, you will not get mileage correctly, as well as the T point you applied for exchange will not be returned and the T point will be in vain.

Be sure to apply by your own ANA customer number and name.

The application screen is as follows.

Exchange from T-point to ANA mileage

At the top, you will see the T number of points to their holdings.

Enter the T number of points to be replaced to

ANA mile in the middle of the input space.

In the lower row, enter the ANA customer number.
 Please enter so no doubt because it is described in the ANA card and Mileage Club card.

input of clicks on to make sure the bottom of the page and T membership number and character authentication as follows: After you enter you are prompted.

Exchange to ANA Mileage

Please confirm that there is no mistake in ANA customer number, enter T-member number and letter certification and click “exchange” at the bottom right of the page to complete.

From T-point to ANA mile

It is two to three days until the completion of exchange from T point to ANA mile.

Let’s make sure that miles are granted from ANA’s WEB site in two or three days.

Although it is commonplace, points for T points are drawn immediately for points that have been exchanged.

Benefits of exchanging T points to ANA mile

Exchange rate 50% is less compared to Sorachi Route, but it is a very common exchange rate, T-point has many franchise stores, so it is also possible to accumulate little by little in daily life Is not it one of the point cards that many people would like to use?

There is no exchange upper limit

The upper limit value is not set for the exchange from T-point to ANA mile.

If it is 500 points or more and every 500 points at exchange rate 50%, it is possible to change 100,000 points to 50,000 ANA mile at a time or those who regularly accumulate T-points every month, It is also possible to apply for exchange to ANA Mileage.

Since Hapitas has an upper limit, it takes a lot of time to convert all points to ANA mileage. If it is T point it is possible to change all points to ANA mile immediately.

Hapitas divides the upper limit of 30,000 every month into 20,000 and 10,000, and replaces 20,000 of them with ANA mile with Sorachi Route and exchanges the remaining 10,000 with ANA mile through T-point Is the way ANA mileage is accumulated the maximum, 23,000 miles can be stored up to 23,000 miles a month.

However, since the validity period of the T-point is virtually unlimited, 10,000 points from Hapitas are not converted to ANA mileage every month, and it is better to change to ANA mileage when necessary.

Actual unlimited expiration date

T-points can save points in real indefinitely because expiration date will be extended by simply saving points · using · exchanging points even once a year.

T-point expiration date

The validity period of the T-point is one year from the last use day (accumulate, use, exchange). If there is no use within the expiration date, T-point will expire.

Since it will expire if you change to ANA mile, T point is excellent where you can use the method of changing only the necessary amount from T point to ANA mile when necessary.

In addition, although it is Rakuten point which was good usability earlier, due to change of exchange conditions from Rakuten point to ANA mile, transition to ANA mile with exchange rate of 50% is the most easy to use and easy to store T point became.

How to store T-points

In order to accumulate T points, it is common to use affiliated stores and sites.

Use affiliated stores and Yahoo! sites

T-point affiliated stores say FamilyMart, ENEOS, Hack drag, etc. When you present T-card at payment you can save T-points.

The number of shops where T-points are accumulated also in department stores such as Isetan has increased.

It seems that it is common to return 1 point with 200 yen, but some stores have affiliated stores that will give you 1 point with 100 yen.

Also,Mercedes – Benz partnered with T-point, issuing a T-card of its own design, etc.

It seems that use of Yahoo! related service is the easiest way for T points to accumulate now.

Since points may be given 10 to 15% in Yahoo! Shopping or Yahoo! Travel etc., not only the actual expenses of the product and accommodation expenses but also the purchase site of the product including the point return rate and the hotel reservation site It is easy to accumulate T points if you decide.

Exchange points held by other point sites to T-points

Points that can not be placed on the Sorachi Route or when the metro points are overdone, it is good to concentrate on all the points.

Although the possibility of mitigating or eliminating 30,000 upper limit of Hapitas is not 0, hope for Metro-Point is thin.

By keeping the points scattered at various point sites as T-points, if you leave it in a state that you can exchange for ANA mileage at any time, you can exchange points to acquire ANA award tickets You do not have to be conscious of days and upper limit.


Exchange from T point to ANA mile can be exchanged at 500 points → ANA 250 mile exchange rate.

Since it is easy to exchange for ANA mile by just entering some items from T-site(https://tsite.jp/ana/index.pl), it takes time and effort.

Exchange rate 50% is felt less compared to Sorachi Route, but there are points that the expiration date can be real indefinite, there is no upper limit on the number of exchanges to ANA mile, the number of days taken for exchange is small It is a big merit.

If you earn a lot of points and Sorachi Kart is in a traffic jam, traffic jams are cut off, those who do not have the prospect can shift to the T point and keep it and recommend it to ANA mile whenever you like, so it is recommended.

If you can not easily earn miles with only T points, please try out how to store ANA mile using Hapitas.


It is recommended because it will be able to save nearly ANA 300,000 miles per year if you use it together with T-points.