How to exchange “SAISON CARD POINT” for ANA mileage


Saison cards do not have an expiration date for points they saved.

For that reason, it has become a popular card for credit card light users.

As a result of adding “dot money” for a limited time to Saison Card Point’s exchanging destination, you can now use Sorachi Route when exchanging this point for ANA Mileage.

Here, I will explain the procedure until Saison card point is exchanged for “dot money” with image.


Exchange points from Saison card WEB SITE

First of all, log in to a web site where you can check usage log of Saison card etc.

After logging in, proceed to “Item Exchange / Confirmation” in “Using Points / Storing Points”.

Let’s choose “dot money (limited time offering)” from the point exchange destination list.

Item details like the one below will be displayed, so enter the quantity you want to exchange.

Since 100 points will be equivalent to the “dot money” gift code 500 yen, enter 1 if you want to exchange 100 points.

Let’s not make a mistake because it will be input of the number, not the number of points to use.

Here, let’s exchange 6 pieces (600 points = 3,000 yen) as an example.

Exchange points for dot money

After entering the quantity, click the exchange.

Phone authentication required for point exchange

Telephone authentication is required to exchange Saison card points for “dot money”.

After clicking on the exchange botan, the following screen will appear. Please call “0120-061-271” from the phone number registered on Saison card.

Phone authentication required for point exchange

It can not be authenticated even if it is dialed from other than the registered phone number.

When you call “0120-061-271”, you will be prompted to enter your birthday with automatic voice so please push 4 numbers.

As long as there is no mistake, an announcement of completion of authentication will flow immediately. Please click on completion of the above image when this announcement flows.

It is OK to disconnect the phone.

Point exchange application

When the phone authentication is completed, the following confirmation screen of the point exchange is displayed.

Exchange of

Confirm that there are no mistakes in the replacement destination, the number of points, etc., read the notes, and click the confirmation at the bottom of the page.

In addition to the points used this time, the number of remaining points after exchange is also displayed on this page.

Confirm the “dot money gift code”

When you click on the confirmation in the previous section, the “dot money gift code” is displayed in the net limit item exchange history.

“The dot money gift code” displayed at the bottom of the page has a link that is automatically entered on the registration screen of the “dot money gift code”.

If you already use “dot money”, you can switch to the registration screen just by clicking the link.

Get dot money gift code

Let’s click on the bottom afla ——— WY.

It jumps to the dot money site and it is displayed as follows.

Register for dot money

Since the gift code has already been entered, please click on the confirmation screen.

I was able to exchange points accumulated by Saison card for “dot money”.

Exchange from “dot money” to ANA Mile with Sorachika Route

If you can change the point to “dot money”, then you only need to use the Solachika route “dot money” → metro point → ANA mile.

Here we used 600 points and exchanged for 3,000 dollar money so you can earn 2,700 miles on a Sorachika route.

After exchanging “Dot Money” as a Metro Point, please follow the procedure for exchanging a Metro Point with ANA Mileage (Solachika Route) for the procedure to exchange to ANA Mile using Solachika Route.

What happens when you exchange points directly for ANA mileage

When exchanging with ANA Mile through Solachika Route, 600 points are 2,700 miles, but let’s see what happens if you exchange directly from A permanent immortal point to ANA mile.

It will be

200 SAISON point → 600 ANA mile

Calculating based on this example,

600 SAISON points → 1,800 ANA mile

If you are a Solatika route, you can get 2,700 miles, but if you exchange directly, you get only 1,800 miles.

It would be better to make use of Sorachika Route’s high exchange rate.


Saison card points can now be exchanged for dot money with a limited time until March 31, 2018.

Now that you can exchange for dot money, you can now use Solarica route with high exchange rate to ANA mile.

Although Saison cards are not very profitable in terms of the point return rate, it is suitable for credit card light users to save money because points do not expire.

If you have points of Saison cards, it is better to use Solatika route via “dot money” without exchanging directly with ANA mile.

AboutSorachika Route & please also see How to save ANA Miles with points.