And how to earn after a trip to ANA Mileage Club mileage

I’m collecting mileage after enjoying a trip how to earn more mileage as the shopping and points sites, save prior to travel, or how to save while traveling aboard the plane in fact, there is a way.

 I say save after the trip, not retroactive registration.

Of the mileage obtained in flight.
How to save up to 1,500 miles, just back from a trip and then to work in front of a computer or Smartphone.


 Earn mileage by word of mouth

Just came back from a trip and then post a review site can earn miles.

It is the world’s largest travel site Trip Advisor.

I’m I think might know more as a hotel and air ticket booking site, but separately for each facility set up earn buzz posts.

“Travel” and various facilities available for trip of tourist destinations, accommodation, restaurants, etc., so that each facility is quite welcome.

Upto 1,500 mileage saved

For it is, but to win this mileage and to be honest it’s hard to feel the.

Many facilities for a single word of mouth 5 miles-to be about 20 mph.
Moreover, as accommodation on only up to four mileage cannot be.

Is using trip Advisor have good ways to earn miles.

It is

Earn mileage even restaurant reviews

It is.

It is hard every day trip for employees or self-employed.
I think some people travel may be once a year, or once every few years.

And, after a trip to earn mileage even not going to travel, so I can’t write or hotel reviews.

Is a restaurant and little more frequently either?

I’m definitely open in hit the road, inviting guests to eat, restaurant have an important role in our daily work.

Post a store near the company’s review on TripAdvisor, so our lunch, came home from Word of mouth.

I’m now earn mileage alone.


Housewives or suggest elderly, too


Why not?

Once it searched the restaurant near our home in the trip Advisor site.

In the often very small shops already have Word of mouth is and the family are posted on trip Advisor.

Housewives, or meals with friends and relatives, even old people in go food with meals and grandson.

Is it can be than those traveling a familiar restaurant or at home by word of mouth to the nearby tourist destinations easy to earn miles.

Best used in conjunction with point site

Bluntly in trip Advisor reviews post earn mileage that much mileage.

I think month that up to 1,500 mileage over the years up to 18,000 mileage will only be the largest in this way actually earning considerably more difficult.

Is recommended to use as a supporting role, gaining large numbers of mileage using the mileage obtained in normal boarding and shopping and points sites how to.

Who do I think is troublesome, and others also thought for mileage and trip Advisor who can post every time.

Why not take advantage of the trip Advisor, I would think it’s troublesome history?

Things felt in restaurants and tourist destinations, and saw things I think about accumulating and post to put together the things we did to recommend restaurants and sights, with such usage in bonus mileage and the less troublesome image.

Where in fact, that you’ve done or what I ate is especially tend to forget such things tend to forget more and more, I felt the.

Jot down after such information came back from a trip and see the Retrospect and seeing changes in food preferences and places to explore, will come off.

It’s feel good it is fine to post your favorite spot and only when I use.

However, don’t expect saved 18,000 mileage a year just on trip Advisor, I said many times is quite difficult.

It is recommended to use point site referring to this article with lots of mileage you want to save that, you.

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