ANA mileage earn more Checkup Edition

Try starting to ANA’s earn and save itself is fun is not?

It is quite a lot more gimmicky, I’ll get the mileage if you earn mileage on point site, and lots of mileage to begin earning quickly, but a daily shopping or eating out, his activities.

And surprised mileage could not win for Mylar Edamame soy beans themselves also check out ANA mileage and earn more then well earn to become was supposed to be can earn mileage in action yourself ever (shopping), but didn’t know that thing that I noticed.

I think miles, everyone started saving up for ANA Mileage “if I keep getting” spirit in everyday life will review and still get there.


 ANA mileage can save medical institutions.

I’m ANA mileage saved and seems like ANA and medical institutions, not ties, over the site of the MEDICAL mile, or MEDICAL mileage desk Checkup sign up.

There is no necessary checkup for mileage (using point site if it is better), but who was going to originally receive a checkup, try using the MEDICAL mile?.

People differ widely in how many mileage you get through to no hospital or laboratory MEDICAL mile, up to 3000 miles, was hospitalized in is recommended to take a look at the site again.

If the checkup book MEDICAL mile.

Posted on facilities affiliated with over 100, so you live near you and have facilities to fall during the commute and I am happy.

It is often determined by referral from a doctor or hospital, and a lot of things not in the hospital I don’t have facilities like this, well, these tests include medical institutions are also a matter of trust, so it impossible to decide (for miles), but is surprisingly normal inspection and usually have their.

Is, I think, so choose the hotel liked his checkup for any costs reasonably take, so it is best if you have look lightly to help.

Review of the MEDICAl mile

And the MEDICAL mile

Checkup will help in the early detection of diseases of various.
Introduce human dry dock facilities along your request Concierge services, organise human dry dock menu choice.

Accept reservations with a wish to meet customer requirements from the checkup conducted excellent partnership hospitals in your area, medical courses, fees, examination dates, times, options inspection facilities.

Checkup (one-day and two-day), cerebral and special docks and PET examinations, as well as MRI, CT, mammography, cervical cancer gynecological examination and inspection options menu is also offered.

Cumbersome laboratory screening procedures support previously from Concierge services.
Consultations on reservations are received.

 Mileage & facilities

In the use of the facilities (more than 100) 100-3000 mileage (util
ization of facilities total number vary)

Miles accrual method

  • ANA Mileage Club members from the “MEDICAL mile” desk Checkup, we request, the physician at the facility (100 or more)
  • In the “MEDICAL mile” home facility after confirming the “MEDICAL mile” desk call, please make reservations for a checkup.

Miles accrual date

After the mileage until the about 1-2 months it takes.

It cannot be retroactive registration of ANA Mileage Club membership number, please, if you are interested must apply via the dedicated website.

Please check for more information on both the ANA and sites of the MEDICAL mileage because there are some considerations in addition to.

ANA Mileage Club MEDICAL mileage introduction page

Site of the MEDICAL mile

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