Do you really get to replace the ANA Mileage award ticket?

Saving tell ANA mileage various collection methods in our blog, but just doesn't make sense.

Earn mileage for, so what use is it? in the use of award tickets, it really deals with what?I think.

Travel in mileage to go


Use mileage earned how to measure the way tickets to explore whether real deals.



Real deals are to exchange tickets?


Do you usually buy how ticket?

I think it's parts vary greatly by person or by use.


If you are booking at cheap flights, cheap vacations, etc.

Fare such as ANA and JAL (without discount) is quite expensive, compared it to complete only in the Internet travel companies, etc. some tickets at amazingly cheap prices.

Places to go and time, whatnot wish is not only cheap… and cheap think simplistic is if you think a lot, but as a means of transportation to would also be chosen with the idea that I had no more.

I'm actually more airline routes, etc..


So, what if?

If you are traveling with couples, friends, etc.

Is not in tend to minimize your airfare and hotel to adjust the travel dates beforehand.

Contrary to business people, advance ticket buys it for before feeling bad, had canceled many people… I think.

Just feeling helpless is right, it may be if you had the misfortune of sudden purchases prior to the cancellation fee up to often by.


What people like the road warrior?

If the business

Often suddenly decided travel would often decide to the flight before it on the day, and everybody who doesn't know and doesn't have the time and the return on the day after meeting with.

Such persons, travel often and getting it is difficult to buy at a discount system of allocation.

Date is no help for it.



To replace mileage and tickets, where is the difference?

I wonder if this case deals.

Cheap airline tickets and tours is available from the usual way, and

"The award ticket is too much money's not what?」

Seems to think so.


And certainly, cheaper than round-trip airline tickets (regular price) to or with the arrival of cheap trips may seem deals.


Is the award ticket redeemable mileage will be treated like regular price has been released from the ANA flights, and cheap flights, package travel, etc. then responds world of difference there.


And the difference between tickets and cheap vacations, etc.

Difference between the level of responsiveness, it appears in the case of a sudden change.

Cheap airline tickets, tour departure from prior days 0000 is most likely takes a cancellation fee, and so on.

And discount airline tickets travel discount of ANA and also takes quite a cancellation fee, cannot change dates or flights, etc.


It is, but is treated like regular price tickets change immediately on cancellation charges do not apply.

From the planned flight 4 days ago & reserved departure time prior to that condition because even sudden schedule change is replaceable.

In addition, was supposed to use takes a fee of 3,000 mileage without boarding in the end, to cancel the mileage will be back.


With inexpensive airfare is likely higher than the package travel hotel unit in the minutes total payment amount less if you think hardly.

Also, think discount airline tickets and packages than is reserved at the hotel unit cancellation fee until such time that can afford.


The airline would in General may be forced to think that commitment is not gone on vacation, cheap airline, Airport an inconvenient place because it said obtained by major airlines and ANA Mileage award ticket deals.

Also, realizing the difference between the rates during other flights to ride a ticket bought at the regular price also was canceled because of the weather and what happened.


One of the elements can be safe if you go abroad that the award ticket is good value in terms of value of the 1-mileage (to what?) that he has of course, tickets fare ticket and the same thing as what happened at (the time of cancellation, etc.) will make a difference in.

Journeys mileage first, once the award ticket is available try that?.



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