ANA mileage ANA Mylar is after all what the the?


What is the reason you guys saved ANA miles, do you?

Thought and saving miles, what you want, what you want?

Reason began to ANA's earn the Edamame soy beans Mylar, it



 Sauce was from

It is.

Do you mean?


Taking a break, when it was difficult to get ideas and good work (and even 二日 only is) I have said on a trip to Fukuoka.

At that time, it was extremely good idea is filled out it came.


Go to good ideas travel

Aims to save ANA mileage in order to realize this, the flying trip transportation costs.

For the Edamame soy beans Mylar

It is obtained by ANA miles, an idea it is.


In places and talk about the various things to see and experience nature and it gives the idea.

Creating a touch of your own that land comes out just to take a walk around the home and various ideas, but for the first time view and dialect, very good effect.

Then, simply

Like traveling

I must say.

I like mountains from the sky looks when you are aboard a plane on it.

I carved ones think that looks like a very clean.
Has gotta have golf courses and waited (haha

Even though I clean it ~ ~ ~ it thingy I.


But good beer at the ANA airport lounge


Those who are trained (on an airplane aimed at a senior member), I'll drink that much beer in the lounge.
→ take a picture and put in the blog.

And I like people to see, and then trained at the Lounge will be looking.


Not only don't don't know their feelings, but rather see the lounge are calm, but there are some special sense of, and from the good mood.

Still remember the Mylar Edamame soy beans for the first time experienced the airport lounge still in elementary school, when I went to Langkawi with family, but became the happy mood in the child's mind.


But didn't do this in order to use the lounge now but not now keeps beer in the lounge.

During in this relaxing idea to brush up and you want to use.

If If you have hopes of beer in thanks for reading this blog in the lounge with breathtaking, apologize in advance, I'm sorry.

So far no such posts will put (lol


ANA miles, what do you want to do after all?


So or what they want, or what they want now sees goal clearly and also how to replace point site selection issues and points at any time and know what should be done.

Or what is really gained by miles, rather than to target everyone save 00 mileage over the years that I'm as good as you make it clear what you want.


It is, of course, in the lounge with beer or 20 times a year I hope.


Miles earned will be hard to see what goals and what you want to get yourself, redeem points or feel cumbersome expired had too good and to think is coming will be.

To earn as good since, while firmly established goals and targets at any time try that?.


I wrote for comic relief article about the purpose of the Act, become necessary on the practical part earn more miles, not that you will continue to earn.


To continue to earn ANA pigging need mechanically can do as if it is the best thing so needed to power.

ANA to continue earn with the goal to continue to do things, making sure the purpose becomes important.

I started collecting and spending for ANA Mileage even think once this machine is?.



ANA heavy mileage summary information

ANA Mileage for sure thing!

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Just by reading this article that they can sufficiently;

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