Procedure for exchange from “Dot Money” to “Metro Point”


When exchanging points accumulated at point sites such as Hapitas for ANA mile, the most suitable route is Sorachika Route via Dot Money.

Here we will explain the procedure for exchanging from Dot Money to Metro Point (for using Sorachika Route).

Since there are no difficult points in particular, I think that if you proceed as instructed on the screen I think that you can apply for an exchange without problems, but the first person to check your flow here and actually apply for your point exchange Please try it.


Use “Dot Money”

Log in to the “dot monet” site, next let’s go to the page of useing money
The following screen will be displayed.


I think that you can see that the logo mark of Tokyo Metro is displayed.

There are also logos of JAL and ANA nearby, so it is easy for persons with aiming airline mileage to choose this, but since those who used Sorachika Route have a high point exchange rate, as a result, Since you can earn more miles than you exchange, let’s choose the Tokyo Metro Mark.

Exchange to “Metro Point”

If you click the Tokyo Metro logo, before the exchange to the Metro Point, the exchange rate and exchange expected date will be presented as below.


Since the minimum number of exchanges is 300 “Dot Money” (points), it can only be done since it is over 300 Dot Money, but since the minimum exchange amount of Hapitas I recommend on this blog is also 300 points, the person using Hapitas can change to Dot Money It is now possible to exchange from Dot Money to a Metro Point.

After checking the exchange rate etc., let’s click “exchange” displayed below it.

Enter exchange information for Metro Point

Please enter the customer number and name (romaji) of the ANA Mileage Club and the number of money to be exchanged as you are prompted to enter the exchange information.

At the top of the page, the balance of Dot Money and the registered name (nickname) of Dot Money are displayed.

As a precaution, once you associate a Dot Money account with an ANA Mileage Club card account, you can not change it to another person.

Make sure to apply for an exchange from the account of the same person as the ANA Mileage Club registrant.


The customer number of ANA Mileage Club is stated on the front side of Solachika Card (ANA To Me CARD PASMO).
ANA To Me CARD PASMO sorachika Card

Since there are Romanization notation, those who possess Solachika cards should refer to the card front side.

When you enter the number of money you want to exchange, click Check.

Please check if there is any mistake in the input contents and exchange.

The procedure for applying for exchanges from “Dot Money” to “Metro Point” is as above.


After transferring points saved by Hapitas etc. to Dot Money, let’s exchange to Metro Point next time.

The minimum exchange amount from Dot Money to Metro Point is 300 Money, the information to be prepared is only the customer number and name of ANA Mileage Club.

It is also possible to exchange ANA Miles directly from Dot Money, but the exchange rate is not good.

Let’s exchange Solorca cards with ANA Mileage with Dot Money on Sorachi Kart with a high exchange rate.

For the exchange procedure from Metro Point to ANA Mile, please see the procedure for exchanging the Metro Point with ANA Mile.