If you earn mileage on ANA, at 100 yen Essen up to 3 mileage deals

Credit cards that earn miles

It is possible to save by means of said ANA Essen, in other ways as one of the ways ANA mileage to save on eating out save ANA Mileage dramatically.

What is ANA Essen, earn more and the show or how much can be saved.


And ANA Essen

Earn mileage of ANA in ANA Essen, pub, karaoke and restaurants across the country to tax mileage estimate is.

Skateboard in point town because there are number of stores have teamed up, though less mileage than ANA mileage to save on eating out using point town saved point town on dining than they have shops that close can not save when eating out ANA mileage ANA Essen in.

ANA Essen participating outlets are about 5000 stores across the country, so your point town without leprosy is once your local store try ANA Essen participating outlets or the?.

How to save the Essen

Search for mileage across the country can shop

ANA Essen participating outlets nationwide about 5000, so http://ana.jp-anex.co.jp/gourmet/ searches and stores your reservations.

Gourmet Navigator, and sites can be used in a similar image, so try searching shops of your choice genre of location and cuisine, from the budget.

To eat in the shop earn ANA Essen

ANA Essen per 100 yen used in the presentation of ANA Mileage Club card or ANA card 1 to earn more miles.

However, coupon or promotional offer, and cannot be combined with the ANA Mileage.

Assume the Secretary, so meals are limited by 1 person 2 people in a large number of people to the food such as the ANA mileage and save a lots of food becomes possible.

When they declared ANA Mileage estimate

That mileage credits you wish to declare, upon presenting ANA Mileage Club card or ANA card.

To automatically save for the ANA Essen is easy, but it is not and does not declare all ANA Essen cannot be acquired through oshimashou ANA Mileage accrual reporting.

So should not need to ANA Mileage Club membership, and does not possess ANA Mileage Club card in stores and requires notice of any of them.

Miles receipt issued by the stores to receive

Mileage accrual reporting and Mile reception votes customer receipt will be issued from the clerk.You'll always receive mileage receipt and leaving the store.

From the stores use 1-will accrue seat mileage in two months.

It is recommended to keep up mileage because mileage registration form your receipt does not issue, mileage may be.

ANA Essen target stores

Karaoke would have only food and beverage outlets such as images from the service named ANA Essen in target stores.

Restaurants listed in point town is also targeted as well as APA hotel restaurant, and the atmosphere is different.

Most of the stores are 1 mileage at 100 yen, or to earn more with a ANA card limited 2 mileage at 100 yen, head of the House.

List all stores can be found here.

Earn triple mileage with the campaign

Triple-Mile promotions using target stores during the campaign period and usually given how many mileage you earn triple mileage offered.

The campaign period up to 10/31/2016 so deals are available during the period.

Target stores is limited in the following eight stores.

(Sapporo) Magic spice
* magic spice is expanding in Sapporo, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, but is only magic spice store Sapporo campaign target stores.

[Sendai] charcoal grilled beef wif Higashiyama Sendai Office

[Tokyo] Chin and

[Osaka] chibusa Elegance ebisubashi bridge store

[Hiroshima] PAMI

"Matsuyama" marumoto sushi bars

"Fukuoka" Tenjin fuyo

[Okinawa] ganaha pork shop Maejima

Unlike the normal mileage bonus mileage campaign, in late 1/2017 and mileage.

Bonus mileage will be credited to the mileage sheet, let's leave that.

If you're earning large amounts of ANA miles

How to ANA Mileage Club to earn most isn't about the Essen.

Save ANA Mileage in Essen last recommended to use, in the sense that the ancillary.

Point site is essential to accumulate large amounts of ANA Mileage in the right way.

See ANA mileage point site earn more over the years ANA Mileage of more than 200000 mileage you want to earn more.