Earn large amounts of ANA Mileage Club to earn every point site is good?

By ポイントサイトハピタス

I have been told on this blog featured point site is hapitas, and there are other really good hapitas?I received a rather and inquiry.

Well, it's because we each different environment and living conditions is not absolute.
I think, there's about point a bit more want to write.

Point here what they want?

I think point site selection is different depending on the purpose.

Desired is Mylar Edamame soy beans if you go many times to travel as much as possible.

Therefore we recommended the hapitas so important if to reduce the transportation burden little by little in a variety of ways, including Shinkansen bullet train, private car, train to the plane other than the plane should save ANA Mileage as much as possible without loss. 

ANA mileage you want to save to and recommended for hapitas

If If, at point site cash on hand, because I wanted to hapitas in, not recommend other point site.

This is because the hapitas are determined up to 30000 1 month replacement upper.

Is, for example "abcdcurrent ball" that look at replacement upper site

1, 10000 Yen! In one month can be reduced 10 times!

And Yes, comparing the month shown below.


  • Hapitas = 30000
  • Abcdcurrent ball = 300000 (1, 10000 x 30 days)


I'm using adjectives conjugate in people who want to Exchange cash once again, if this ball is better, so you know right away.

It's not on the plane ride from ANA Mileage is better optimized adjectives conjugate in money you want the ball.


What are good hapitas?

Again, happy friend system is not what I think.

Banner below and register to hapitas first happy friend referrals, earn 30 points.
Plus the happy daily life | hapitas

And easy to save by increasing the happy friend yourself required to redeem mileage on ANA 20000 or 30000 points.

Some sites you can point other points site or percent of the happy friend points at hapitas and the same number of points also contains the referral, also the same system and won the friend of a friend.

However, you at friends (the happy friends) off projects can earn many benefits of mass points, most of it is.

On the other hand, hapitas in mass points winning nearly all the happy friend system is valid.

When himself could not get mass points and registered in hapitas (for example, fell to review for example the card) happy friends of your own if you've earned points in card issuance and some percentage of them same point is at hand.

Even those who earn points in the happy friend who long used high point new people in, so start now is one friend, happy nature and increasing the save point.

Is the number of members less than hapitas adjectives conjugate in the ball.
Will it benefit?What disadvantages?

Is a website to tell the truth, few members points have merit.

Few members point site easy-to-use because

Thinking on the penetration rate of mobile phones for example, let's look at.

It increases users ' VIDEA tells the benefits of mobile phones mobile phones have proliferated, said.

At that time, by the point with what happens?

It is likely to buy mobile phone was introduced, and is also looking for people who do not have mobile fun.

The same applies to the point site.

If you are only a person who is trying to use the referral system in the membership site I already use around?

It is not present?My friend's hard to increase?

That's why increase the happy friend (member), register and fewer members in the hapitas.

I become very prevalent in Japan points from running is difficult, so register as soon as possible, let's increase my friends (the happy friends) point site grows.

Should be register multiple point site

I think I found it at the far post, point your site strength and purpose to the site was.

Comparison of all point out the best to register only one more for now, or begin to make the switch for your own purposes in each case the register and well, more than one point site is 5 much??

So that point is not the good people we try to register first compared the case number of the site's ease of use and ease of comprehension, but the purpose and good hopefully decide use, main point site.

Recommended point site

Finally, use the Edamame soy beans Mylar point site will introduce.

Friend referral system and to save cash reduction purposes, own projects digestion by site and we use.

Site comes filled with mail when you register, so you can email so let's prepare for the email address one new.

Featured in the first hapitas!

30 points for free offers and register through the banner below
Plus the happy daily life | hapitas


Earn in one month 300000 rgenn ball!

You can register for free from the banners below


GetMoney earn three times more in the family register.

You can register for free from the banners below
GetMoney point site is you can make money!


And rest assured that the listed companies, begun mopping!

You can register for free from the banners below
Mopping!Accumulate money point site

Just use the point site in your own environment, please everyone point sites register and more.

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