ANA partnered with the XPRIZE, became the official airline

Aerial views from ANA

ANA has partnered with the XPRIZE Foundation, XPRIZE airline and will be released.

ANA also reaping the many benefits through this Alliance innovation and challenge, for the first time to put on the front will be required of the XPRIZE Foundation and the Japan business partner contract with.


With the XPRIZE Foundation

First XPRIZE Foundation or something, let me explain briefly.

Non-profits with the XPRIZE Foundation, Peter diamandis, founded in 1995 in the high-priced sets the prize competition through innovation and new solutions to realize early is engaged to.

Says founder Peter diamandis in 2014, has been chosen as the great leader of the world 50, is the most famous in the world.

Bases on the U.S. West Coast, supports many businessmen and entrepreneurs XPRIZE Foundation.

ANA this is for the first time in Japan companies signed a partnership agreement with the XPRIZE Foundation, future mutual sharing of customer information will be considered.

ANA innovation competition to decide to adopt

Prior to this partnership began joined the ANA is doing the XPRIZE Foundation innovation and challenge, but dispatched ANA members next themed prize competition, has decided to recruit the theme proposed by the ANA.

Next sponsored by the XPRIZE competition prize theme is “ANA AVATAR PRIZE”.

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“ANA AVATAR X PRIZE”, that aims to contribute to solving social issues through the use of avatars in phisically regional technology regardless of the various restrictions, such as time, distance, culture, age, physical ability, can be moved, for example not enough doctors or teachers or human disasters.
Aims technology to multiple locations using the leading-edge technology, such as VR, robotics, sensors, and present yourself as you can, physically moving things.

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In partnership with the XPRIZE Foundation, the ANA needs

Also in here with XPRIZE Foundation is an organization which aims to achieve world-wide innovation and new solutions quickly, so that I do the same thing is needed at the ANA.

And innovation for the ANA?

Inspiration and ideas, the latest technology, you must not become a company proposes a new solution with all.

Will be an excellent opportunity for ANA to approach corporate America tend to appreciate the concept of the XPRIZE Foundation and aims products in the United States for the.

You’ll rest on their laurels to the expansion of international flights, Ana, partnership with the XPRIZE Foundation also international lines two outcomes for one thing no doubt.

Ana and innovative companies should take advantage of its partnership with the XPRIZE Foundation to be interesting company.

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Also worth noting that ANA, ANA recently, domestic news agency on the troubles related articles many I have written is picked up and companies do not have a fact, and companies that turn.

But is a good step to relieve the anxiety of recent troubles and future partnership and…