Reason why you should continue to save mileage after retirement at age 65

Dine at the ANA mile

-ANA and JAL's senior members are broadly divided into two types.

It looks natural there are two types of acts known as training and became a senior member and who became a senior member.

Natural and super senior members of overseas workers, Board members, is after us from the usual use business class and above still have money.

Tend to become used up mileage saved, use mileage earned before retirement age nature, even if you don't have that little plane ride after many people maintain the rank is retired on retirement age, etc., without a lot of overseas workers, Board of senior members to maintain efforts to use fewer airplane trips for accumulation of mileage in the years after that.

For the elderly that was mileage going by plane, especially legs start becomes weaker and less extreme, leaving with only the senior membership?

It is better do not hold membership in each of these decisions is that efforts continue to save mileage.


Tend to use frequent flyer miles

ANA Mileage Club is a means to earn mileage on the plane of is there are many other.

Leverage point site is is to earn in the most effective way, but soon turn retirement age or mileage who reached the retirement age already take a look at using a point site earn more practice, you want for saving lots of miles.

Why not?

More travel, did not go to workers age retirement location is possible even long flight time including Europe to enjoy the trip by plane in a couple before the mandatory retirement age for mileage and get award ticket in business class or first class by husband and wife, the less strain on the body and enjoy sightseeing in the field.

In addition, may increase travel times and stay for a long period and reduce the burden of travel expenses and earn mileage on a regular basis on point site to enjoy the trip long after retirement system can be made available to.

In addition, older legs begin to weaken and do not want to travel by plane there is the Ana needs support me priority boarding, offers support for a variety of flight.

Do not feel too much pain is difficult to get support in your car, less the number of conductors including Shinkansen bullet train and many planes, they support, so try to use actual legs are weak.

Many services will cover the various things not too bothered very much when young, such as preferential treatment by the deposits of ANA lounge access, priority boarding and baggage and priority check-in if if was to have retired ago a senior membership in the intact membership in possession and keep things take years and little comes hard.

From active duty as a plane ride, and excess baggage, even if saved mileage mileage alone can I pay it unless you try to earn mileage for mileage will soon will be gone.

Because very often use mileage with only air-related to retired couples travel suggest still is grabbed, effort to earn miles, starting and.

Another painful trip, but still earned mileage better

Legs hurt when you get older, but many people become too lazy to come and go on a trip.

Another nice trip?Also I think is better kept save miles.

Why not?

Can use partner services using mileage ANA ANA Mileage Club has a partnership with various hotels and restaurants.

For example, you can offer Hotel Okura Tokyo restaurant, a meal in Exchange for mileage to here also has partnered with the ANA Mileage Club.

I would enjoy a little fine dining hotel in Tokyo and nearby embarks on a journey by plane or train can be harder than still able to move, those mileage is useful for me.

Enjoying the dinner of a shuttle with Mercedes-Benz with mileage for partners can be introduced, such as that the dinners and outings but nearby if a diet that are offered for many.

In addition, it is possible enjoy the burden in the body while staying at hotel also has partnered with the ANA Mileage Club, as well as a trip away from home, if possible, away from the daily.

Do not use the ANA Mileage Club, said that without life planes and how to use airplanes to earn 'miles', so even when there are so.

Miles, not the e-money is better?

Should be changed to e-money or cash point sites, if you do not replace mileage are?You might think of.

When mileage offers a restaurant than to be nice, and opens up further use is is a good idea, to replace the mile, not exchanged for cash or e-money.

It is, but tend to end up with it near one of the necessities of life to change cash or e-money is a very common human except the original fine dining and nearby hotels, such as those.

So I can take advantage of without hesitation should replaced ANA mileage in hotels and restaurants, a lot of.

To enjoy a few hours travel is hard on the body, but a little bit away from the day-to-day cash, not for mileage is very rewarding.

In ANA Mileage incurred non-daily time acts such as payment, and is rewarding with points earned in purpose, such as at the retired couple enjoying the dinner hours, but rather would use anything, such as cash or e-money, and enters candidates use to savings and what was required, such as the restaurant and hotel are ideal.


It is possible that the ANA Mileage Club mileage on airplanes, even earn and spend.

Go on a retired couple and family trips to earn before retirement age as well as a leverage point site even after retirement age could continue to earn in a long, low cost excursion to the various places you can.

If ANA mileage after you travel somebody physically in a restaurant near his home or hotel usually spend a sumptuous meal and time are available.

ANA Mileage Club mileage are used with various partners, such as hotels, restaurants, so take a look at and try take advantage.

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