Carry case launched by ANA DESIGN shines blue!

All Nippon Airways Corporation from ANA DESIGN announces collaboration with ACE hard carrying case.

In STORE / ANA ANA shopping A-style style is released.



ANA DESIGN is a brand as ANA original brand manufacturing combines the functionality of nonchalant, even during a simple design consideration is the journey to support daily business, expands the All Nippon Airways Corporation.

Is working on as well as you can travel safe, comfortable work on ANA as ANA DESIGN same feelings do not product.

Here is my opinion,

Is that not only the use of the plane before its consistently offering services.

This effort is a very good thing.

ANA brand differentiation with other companies or brand value increased, as a result, creates a virtuous cycle is reduced to ANA as a service.

In Japan, with a price tag in the “Mono” without the price tag in ethos is free (free) and what in the world is also cheaper and means that trend but to sell carry case carrying case manufacture outside is “service”.

Relationship is balanced with each other benefits, solid pay as commensurate with the quality of service.

The relationship between ANA and ANA users take at each other we want you to realize, I think.

Pursue functionality and design of business travel carry case

< Quotes from all Nippon Airways Corporation PR &gt;

“Simple and functional.And felt ANA nonchalantly that “was born in the joint development and ANA product development members by ACE, a company representative themed bags & luggage manufacturer in Japan and the cabin carry case.

Entered the carrying surface of the vertical line is the runway-inspired design.Finish and design ingenuity, so as to implement the card for smart business to provide into the Castor Stoppers feature and business cards, long loved by the purchaser, are available.

♦ launch
channel [shopping site STORE/ANA ANA, ANA official EC A-style]-release
date: 6/24/2016 special URL :

[ace.Official online shop]-release date: 7/7/2016 online shop URL :

[ace.Stores] opening date: 7/2016 DESIGN manual store: ACE. Yurakucho
store location: Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, yuraku-Cho 1-Chome 12-1 Yurakucho Bldg. 1 F TEL:03-321

1-1266 ♦ ANA DESIGN products < ANA DESIGN > vertical 4-wheel carry 66 L price: Yen 486
00 (tax included) color: b
lack, Navy capacity: 66 L
size (approx): in inch / 60 H x W44×D28cm, outside dimensions / H 68 x W49×D28cm weig
ht (approx.): 4.7 kg m
aterial: Polycarbonate, ABS resin s
pecification: zipper opening, TSA locks, universal 4-wheel caster (static sound caster), anchor st

opper < ANA DESIGN &gt; vertical type 4 wheel carry 31
L price: 39960 yen (tax incl
uded) color: black, Navy space: 31 L size (approx): in inch / 36 h x W36×D22cm, outside dimensions / H 54 x W39×D22cm weight (approx.): 3.2 kg m
aterial: Polycarbonate, ABS resin spec
ification zipper opening, TSA lock, universal 4-wheel caster (static sound casters), anchor stopper * ANA c

arry-on Adaptive sized cabin carry-on size of more than 100 seats: 3 dimensions total 115 cm, height 55 cm, width 40 cm, depth 25 cm less than *
ANA carry-on Adaptive sized airplane carry-on size of less than 100 seats: 3 dimensions total 100 cm, height 45 cm, width 35 cm, depth 20 cm le
ss than * Depending on individual airline carry-on regulations.Please contact your airline for more information.

 * Description refers to the related documentation

< Quote now > 

Designers who blog icons when I actually read this press release to Facebook and I was seeing.

The designer sent their was such a story.

F said: first, the meaning of the word “design” and how wrong.

    By understanding and using the wrong usage of the word “design”, meaning many people in Japan it is ANA has…

“Functional” and “design of” another is not the same.

The meaning of the word ‘ design ‘

Edamame soy beans Mylar also does not understand well.

Design is filled with words and the world.

It is, but I feel we understand little by little design, designers had the Edamame soy beans icon design and story.

F says, this is it.

Form follows function

Because it was published in the site of the Office of Mr. F belongs to talk a little bit more chewed up entire neighborhoods you are interested in are here ↓.

Follow the form design design = De+sign function

Thus in terms of ‘design’ look at all Nippon Airways Corporation’s press releases, and somewhat hard to see I h
ave removed… Unfortunately all Nippon Airways Corporation press release.

As to what was involved in corporate PR, better let me as the management experience of corporate WEB sites and PR have been left base.

Renewal but no big corporate PR Oher kinda unlikely.

Feel the difference with the company looking at this PR has established a brand.

For example, speaking at the famous Moleskine brand press release is very easy, good and consistent brand image.

The Moleskine press release here > Moleskine PR

ANA also provides a design common in the part of the customer against the group as a whole and felt that an unsighted people located midway between customers only.
(But I did not notice until Mr. F told (laughs))

We ended up does not matter with miles, but happens to be Design ofice Fig’s designer Mr. ANA DESIGN carry bag sale story so I tried write as a miscellany.