ANA domestic line award flight ticket the benefits and trade-offs

Domestic award tickets to Exchange miles

That many of those saving mileage for award tickets can be exchanged as the main purpose of the mileage in.

If want less money going out throughout the trip anyway, tickets cheap tickets and cheap tours better than you would have to replace in ANA Mileage award ticket deals?But as I mentioned, there are various benefits award tickets.

Consider both the advantages and disadvantages of this time so the great domestic award tickets.

Let me know how ANA Mileage required for cashing tickets ago the consideration of the advantages and disadvantages.


Need at least 5,000 mileage award ticket


Tickets are available in all Japan domestic routes of ANA flight numbers.

Because only one way available using the tickets go, return is good but can be used freely, including Shinkansen bullet train.

For example, since Hiroshima, bullet train, plane to Hiroshima Station takes almost identical, nearly four hours sitting is painful to fall asleep was tired, playing airplane a lot anyway so bullet train, and went to suit your mood or itinerary can use.


-Mile minimum required at ticket number is 5,000 miles.

This is the mileage set by ANA called the low season when specific routes, one way.

So is saving at least 10000 mileage on round-trip tickets if you want, you must.

It is recommended because it involves fewer mileage and travel time could decide very go after this season.


Most mileage intervals is one way 11,500 miles


Low season in the domestic sectors sectors need more than 10000 mileage one way any of its services, but exceed 10000 mileage one way in the regular season and during the high season there are.

While season one way 11,500 mileage is the highest value of how many mileage you need.

Interval to 11,500 miles, Tokyo-Ishigaki, Tokyo-Miyako, Nagoya-Ishigaki, Sapporo and Okinawa, Okinawa to Sendai and Okinawa-is a six-Ku, Niigata.

It is because less frequent on the main Okinawa island's popular but difficult to award ticket lines.

We recommend that you remove as much as possible this season high season has set of the ANA is closed during holidays and Obon year-end holidays, golden week period, so things.

It would be better and not just the summer Obon holidays for people who were offering tickets two months before the application date.

Popular routes (Okinawa Island) would be gone soon so…


Days regardless of the season, can do it ago a stay decided ahead of time to go on a trip, or in Okinawa (especially Islands) this bi-directional tickets get easier.

For more information or just because no other region… until now I spend little in the high season, but I have 10 minutes afford no.


So what's the kicker.
Redeeming award ticket on ANA domestic flights-and disadvantages caused by miles.

Premium class cannot be used with the ticket can be exchanged at

Tickets can be exchanged miles, but I think many people hold premium when reserving a ticket usually ordinary seats because only the premium class are not available.

Has less time so popular is available on the payment of additional fees only if the empty seats on the day of the premium class is originally less seats are available.

When you think differently depending on the route, but Edamame soy beans Mylar are traveling on award tickets is almost fully occupied.



The ANA domestic flights-benefits of miles.
Replaced by ANA Mileage award ticket deals?So why not write another one.

Considerations for families using miles


It is also go on a trip with the family is totally unrelated to travel alone but not people, but a lot.
No, rather in a family trip there.


ANA mileage Awards is helpful for people to travel in such families is could receive benefits for families.

The mileage thanks to this system, the large number of children and take each other's parents, also hurt the travel can be.


Shaping of the scope of the use of the ANA Mileage Club benefits

Spouse member
ship individual memb
ership 2 generations within the family

In is available up to 10 people.

And to award user registration has become essential.

Advance registration here will go on a trip with your family, it is strongly recommended it.


Miles earned is not available but the big disadvantage is, I think up to 2 generations of filial piety and family travel fair coverage.



 After a benefit trade-offs are.
Redeeming award ticket on ANA domestic flights-and disadvantages the second one caused by miles.

ANA is tough for redeeming miles


Saving large amount of mileage on this blog, let's go on a trip, and tell you, ANA flights are also lines hard to take.

Okinawa island is hard to take on popular routes are (take a great deal compared to Hawaii is easy…).

ANA to begin with less seats are set up, and easy to earn mileage on airline tickets hard to change that.If you compare this piece alone, still good for JAL.


And the monk has had led to the monks for ANA senior members to take the know of award tickets and then spurred take and decide to look at.

Is monk is not bad, but plenty of empty actions say status quo.


But in Okinawa Islands popular routes other than you can almost look at various places in the country and in turn to take advantage of the mileage it is recommended.

Look at Japan to arrange tickets for the season adjust the schedule as much as possible, around is recommended.

You could really see that just by changing the way places once took the bullet train is accessible to go by plane and ride or local train and bus company of its use, allowing the various experiences and different views and fun. 


What did you think?

There are good things and bad, both are right.

The main purpose of award ticket on most deals aims at saving mileage is common and the Edamame soy beans Mylar himself saving mileage is the tickets.

It is good location available tickets reversed also frustrated that Comcast would just still started to earn it take the tickets and I go on a trip.

Possibilities never saw things go unexpectedly found myself intrigued range by one and had no experience.


To enjoy is going to write tickets for international flights advantages and disadvantages.



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