ANA mileage for buying a Mercedes-Benz?

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2016 / 6 / 13 has revised the article some.

Well, see point site is suspicious,"people who bought news, Mercedes-Benz there how ANA miles!

In double aboard Mercedes cars like Edamame soy beans Mylar, so I get ANA mileage further makes me happy-I cannot help but feel.

And up to 200000 miles: 200000 miles!



ANA Mileage in the Mercedes-Benz e/s new car purchase

Do you watch formula 1 motor sport is it that?

Here several years, Mercedes is showing a very fast in F1, Mercedes is fast too, nothing that voice comes out so fast I.


It is that Mercedes is in fact partnered with the ANA.


I'd get up to 200000 mileage on new car purchases of E-class Mercedes-Benz S-class.

Please stop by to Mercedes me Tokyo HANEDA is never went to the Mercedes dealer, take a look at go travel by plane at Haneda Airport is.


It is recommended for anyone who wants to store Gallery Café and also because in the Mercedes purchase? Let's save ANA mile.

You can decided what is Mercedes car dealers usually go more easily.


Selling price is 6870000 yen, earn up to 200000 miles


The mileage earned by the partnership between Mercedes and ANA

100000 yen, 1000 mileage 60000 mileage are can earn up to 200000 mileage and has the cheapest E-class cars in 6870000, so if you buy one car.


New car used become the conditions outside the ANA Mileage etc. car.


Is currently on a Mercedes until the next replacement of ANA Mileage Club member, please make sure mileage earned.

F1 Mercedes speed bought and want to do travel on award tickets (lol


I don't know how long this Alliance partnership in replacement, or buy a new thinking by authorized dealers souvenirs.

Become eligible for ANA Mileage owned and authorized dealer online.

Can earn the more mileage you car once bought on the card so real even I would be in good condition.


Yes, we can get a Mercedes… and is recommended in this article. 

ANA mileage earning dramatically if we all do it!How ANA mileage per year over 200000 miles

Used Mercedes 7 million 7 million uses while traveling, or 7 million use totally different things, or each person chooses is so divided.


ANA heavy mileage summary information

ANA Mileage for sure thing!

Vol. 1

ANA mileage earning dramatically if we all do it!How to save ANA mile

Is the most important article together three-step needs to be done in order ANA mileage to get easy the heavy.

Just by reading this article that they can sufficiently;

Vol. 2

And never do for saving lot miles, travel

Writing techniques to use machines with the idea specifically to earning mileage and travel show, we used to earn miles.


And items that you need to earn miles

Land Mylar practice!Preparation guide

All items are written here is write a list of items for accumulating mileage without taking the plane to make available.

Earn mileage on land land Mylar essential thoracic cards

Thoracic card arrives in your hand

You need to earn large amounts at a higher exchange rate exchanging mileage from point.Describes how to use credit cards known as thoracic card to enable it.


And why hapitas is essential to earn miles

Required point site hapitas earn with their recommended reason

Hapitas as the most easy-to-save mileage point site recommend this blog.You can see if you read this article is the best reason.


How to get the point that is the first step in earning

Projects in the hapitas get over 10000 miles

Usage in hapitas described as well as the specific issues in this article.


How to replace the mileage from point

The importance of the first step relay point site PeX to redeem mileage on ANA

Great save, and in Exchange for excellent sites point site.
It is a first step in order ANA mileage points earned in hapitas and the desired relay point site description.


How to replace the mileage from hapitas

How to replace ANA mileage points earned in hapitas

This is a description of the route and how to change ANA mileage point hapitas saved in a free consultation for opening of FOREX accounts, certificates, credit cards, insurance, etc..