Use mileage in the parking lot of the Narita Airport

Paid parking at mile

Narita International Airport, recently missed more international flights from Haneda Airport.

Edamame soy beans Mylar himself these days Act primarily domestic travel, not become long time care at Narita Airport.

Quite quiet and Narita Airport was used when I was a kid, a vibrant image, but often is taken from Narita Airport overseas to talk to.

Is is because LCC attract such beating action and hope in the future.


Can now use the ANA mileage in the parking lot of the Narita Airport

The introduction should accumulate at the parking lot and miles, this combination image a lot, but this time use.



Miles is available in the parking lot of the Narita Airport


I'm able to Narita Airport and central tourism Narita co., Ltd. is a private car park, parking lot has been affiliated with ANA, available at miles.


No parking lot and say,


Narita central parking

Are away from the car park and airport terminal (lol

Is the featured garage door charge because prices are cheaper to go on long overseas trips to Japan.

You never said that apart from the Terminal, shuttle service would be so inconvenient.

No transfers from one pair and latencies of bus.


There is a parking garage available

Good parking lot usually flatly and there is garage parking and going.

On the roof and sides of seat upholstery garage because using this car never expose.

However, there is a fee (surcharge).


Free car wash with service

Also flatly can leave then come back and not have to worry about parking all asphalt because gravel like salt-water car washing services are provided free of charge, so the car is dirty clean.

It is not, controversial here, and what we personally use this car wash service.

Because, mechanical car wash;


Planes like cars like Edamame soy beans Mylar does not washed only by hand-washing cars.

So this parking is available, even if no dirt stuck to the nearest petrol station (lol


Or that I have it, but how do I use mileage in the parking lot, will introduce its way.


Use the coupons to redeem mileage for


You must first mileage into Narita Central tourist-only coupons.

This makes the application from the ANA website.


The value of mileage?

10000 mileage on ANA, 12000 yen (3, 000 yen × 4 units) of coupons will be replaced because one mileage 1.2 Yen value.

I would like not waiting ANA mileage good use of these as possible to travel on award tickets in the family is not never in deals worth LCC and cheap tour-an extended overseas tour reserved, such as by.

I think that usage is worth much more will come, been saved.


Considerations when using the coupon

However, the coupons expire about six months or so and not too long, so care is required.

You may use those coupons expired 12,000 yen to refrigerator to not pay garage offers you secure your car.


And backwards from travel plans delivered to apply this coupon it takes 2-3 weeks (for 3 to 4 weeks depending on the season), so is better the Exchange application to a coupon from miles.

After the parking reservation and pay with coupons on the day is ending.


Of course cash payments if you earn more miles

If you pay in cash instead of coupons to begin earning miles.
So just enter the Mileage Club membership number at time of booking!



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