Why Hawaii is not what was putting emphasis on a domestic trip.

Town of Onomichi travel

Will ANA land Mylar most people (probably is) or Hawaii are going in business class or first class?

And I think there are better then have traveled overseas, Hawaii and Europe.

Formerly Mylar Edamame soy beans was in foreign leagues.
Until we all realize that Yes, some.


Japan not to know too much

The people working at the hotel had previously went to Singapore, was asking this.

Location: "come from?」

Edamame soy beans Mylar "it's Japan!」

Location: "I'm now going to Japan, where we recommend?」

Edamame soy beans Miler: "…"

Answered not bland like riding guidebooks after this, tourist and shopping attractions.


You want to show when you go to Japan

It is asked.

Until information such as the exact flight and taught after so it's really… and to be honest 焦rimashita, I.

Raised in household travel favorite from childhood, so I went to many places.

Even more so that I can assist you?Not mentioned in guidebooks

Do you there own featured spot it?

In places, there there is.Don't go long.

Not much I travel abroad, I love seeing Japan other countries and cultures is important, but don't also in Japan.

So I thought.

Not Japan guide friends abroad

Now, from Singapore who visited Japan on holiday location.

Are various Mylar Edamame soy beans until he came to examine the previously prepared is no guide necessary?Preparation and much worked perfectly!In came to Japan.

What is one thing, and

Domestic travel is the Singapore people

I felt that.

The fine-well, I think (I want!) Of that is thought to guide the country's long-awaited if more little-known thing took give wanted a.

There are many speaking, similar to domestic tourist friend who lives in the land to unfamiliar things.

Friends gathered from the local people living in Kamakura, I assigned a guide to Kamakura to guide search for store… at that time, "lived in Kamakura, Kamakura knows" (watch) to explore Kamakura proper since the elementary school said it was.

So come to think of it,

Near where I live there always good locations and good shops

For, not think so now.

From thei Japan stay in Singapore, try neighborhood restaurants, take a walk, go now watching Japan all over little by little.

The land still, not seen much, done three times 2 times around and land never tire, watching Japan refrain from traveling abroad.

Land Mylar me re-install I recommend?

Edamame soy beans Mylar is like right now around domestic focus, but still much better (land Mylar) how to use airport lounges, first class, etc. I like you.

I feel this blog very often.

Feeling is good, you can see it.

And earn over 300000 mileage still than business class or first class, Hawaii or Europe will feel closer and are attracted by it.

And once you experience economy class will want to ride without will.

Will is flying first class instead of using the money as much as possible, to utilise the luxurious lounge, those who intend to land Mylar or land Mylar wants none, their ideas and how to enjoy there?

I'm not that so many people just in land Miller blog writes about Hawaii, airport lounges, dare to write in this blog.

Want to write what I felt the things I saw on the trip, so best places of green soybean Mylar map app is not (even?) Is almost where getting anywhere (lol

I also have this land Mylar?

In the end

I started this blog has shared the Edamame soy beans Mylar travelling companion to minimize the burden of travel expenses (transportation costs).

Airplane and Shinkansen bullet train and enjoyed the journey by car, a variety of transportation means to increase travel times.Want a little lighter financial burden for those who travel together, think so.

Travel lovers will try to take a look at the plane alone to travel lightly.

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