“Tastes of JAPAN by ANA” It is a feature of Tokyo, Gunma and Wakayama

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The 14th series of “Tastes of JAPAN by ANA” Tokyo, Gunma, Wakayama special issue will start from December 2016.
“Tastes of JAPAN by ANA” is a service ANA started from September 2013.

“Tastes of JAPAN by ANA” is one of the services ANA provides in the cabin and lounge, but many services are held in the lounge. It will be a pleasure for those who like the lounge.

Advanced members of ANA can enjoy alcohol and sweets of “Tastes of JAPAN by ANA” which is offered at lounge even when using Economy Class. It is also recommended for those who do not use much lounge usually.

This page explains the details of the 14th “Tastes of JAPAN by ANA” starting from December 2016 and “Tastes of JAPAN by ANA”.


What is “Tastes of JAPAN by ANA”?

“The taste of Japan by ANA” is a project the ANA Group is working on from September 2013, introducing various attractions in Japan to various people both in Japan and abroad. We aim to contribute to the increase of passengers and the revitalization of the area. There are four themes, food, alcohol, sweets and culture. We compile 3 prefectures in 3 months and pick up 47 prefectures nationwide in 4 years.

We offer and sell meals, desserts, etc. using special products of prefectures such as ANA flight and lounge, airport shop, mail-order site and so on. Through this, we will contribute to the revitalization of local culture and tourism resources. We are spreading the charm of various places both in Japan and abroad.

You can check the contents currently being done and what you have finished on the official website.


The 14th series of “Tastes of JAPAN by ANA” Tokyo, Gunma, Wakayama special issue

The areas that are featured in the three months from December 2016 to February 2017 are Tokyo, Gunma, Wakayama Prefecture.

Let’s look at an example of meals, sake, dessert etc. provided in the features of these three areas.

Tokyo feature [Tastes of JAPAN by ANA]

In international first class, “Lightly-fried Juvenile Japanese Sea-perch with Green Asparagus Risotto and a Truffle-scented Clam Sauce” will be offered.

Enjoy the delicate flavor and texture of the lightly-fried juvenile Japanese Sea-perch, which are caught in Tokyo Bay, served with a truffle-scented clam sauce. The Kujo spring onion garnish adds a distinctive accent to the dish.

At “ANA SUITE LOUNGE” on Narita airport and Haneda airport international flight, pudding using milk produced in Tokyo is also offered.

Milk from Tokyo’s farms contain a higher amount of milk fat and non-fat solids than regular milk, and boasts a slightly sweet flavor that reflects the true taste of milk. This custard pudding showcases this delicious milk in an original ANA recipe.

Recommended dessert for those who can not drink alcohol.

Tokyo brand liquor “SAKE” is served only at the Narita Airport international lounge, so domestic flights and other airport users can not get Tokyo brand liquor “SAKE”.

Gunma feature [Tastes of JAPAN by ANA]

In international first class, “Himuro Pork Spare Rib with Sicilian Green Olive Condiment” will be offered.

Himuro pork, cooked tender in a vacuum-sealed bag, is topped with an olive condiment and lightly broiled. An opulent dish served with a sauce made from pork essence.

In addition, Haneda Airport International line ANA SUITE LOUNGE in DINING h in the December “Pot-au-feu with Akagi Chicken and Shimonita Leek” provides.

The broth has a rich flavor from the chicken and vegetables. Savor the Akagi chicken infused with the flavor of the broth together with the textures of the vegetables, including Shimonita leek, a winter delicacy.

Gunma brand liquor “SAKE” is served only at the Hanneda Airport domestic lounge, so international flights and other airport users can not get Gunma brand liquor “SAKE”.

Wakayama featured [Tastes of JAPAN by ANA]

In the business class that provides dishes Wakayama.

Main dish is then accompanied with plums, fat plain and bland flavor and use “Kishu plum tree still in the feature article.

Chin Chin dashi marinated plum plum, enjoy soup and plum flavors and a faint taste.

It is so pleasing from the Japanese don’t think dishes are pleasing to overseas customers, but eating too much in Japan for the meal.

With Haneda Airport International-ANA SUITE LOUNGE in DINING h, Wakayama producing foot red shrimp fried in February provides a spicy cream sauce with salad.

It is combined with spicy cream sauce spices and doubanjiang, Wakayama Prefecture foot Red Lobster and deep fried.

Foot ware people, as its name in Red Lobster legs, its taste is very sweet, comparable to tiger prawns and said.

Only provides Haneda International Airport and Kansai International Airport lounge is the sake of Wakayama.


Tastes of JAPAN by ANA “in round 14 in Tokyo, Gunma, Wakayama feature provides up to 2/2017 12/2016.

It is a valuable opportunity where you can drink and dish with 3 local specialty, such as

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