Nope it's not JAL!ANA JAL what is better?

JAL land Mylar images

And in this blog I thought best at review time or been written with the intention to better focus and have been saving mileage at least thought to specialize in the ANA Mileage.

It is, but it is scary brand.

I hate Ana! JAL not hate!Guruchel LCC!

Who has appeared.

And cheek, it is.
(I and the LCC information never did not write here…)

But love the Edamame soy beans who buy products under the brand to choose services, Mylar.

Had previously worked in nearly a decade, planning, marketing and branding, so it seems "not this brand!"Just know how to make difficult.

JAL is this is a very important customer.

Edamame soy beans Mylar JAL soup by love, often ANA, not purposely ride or the JAL.

So much so that for those who say no to JAL's just gotta go write JAL information.
(Read really for??)


JAL Mylar better deals?

ANA recommend you ever come at the JAL is rates is what do you mean?
Might have seemed.

Means that fewer mileage required to redeem for award tickets for JAL it is.

Honestly, city spending on cards by people who have, over the years, point site usage is a town of indiscriminately ANA better deals, and also for JAL deals and no.

Just a simple comparison with JAL if 12,000 mileage and if ANA said, 18,000 miles,

Comparison on just how many mileage you have, the less JAL mile

In is that you can replace.

Recommend ANA Mylar, coming to the conclusion that Edamame soy beans Mylar lost 4,000 mileage and total ease of save points, exchange rate, etc.


With the easiness of the award ticket is on the JAL!

I wouldn't necessarily say this is ANA mileage easy to save things evil? ANA flights is quite hard to take.

Who will decide until the last minute, what is not, Office workers get paid leave if not painful.

Can some months ahead schedule determined by their position and occupation, still can't.

If compared with ANA, a JAL flights are easy to get yet.

Makes things easier for JAL, for there, ANA is take to ensure both limited the number, so much so that it's not, but rather based on popularity, inversely.

Flexible schedule adjustments for eligible routes and mileage saved, ease yourself, I think would be decided in relation to other things considered, either good or better.

Credit card needed for JAL Mylar…

Yes, let's have JMB WAON card with JAL.

JAL card

Please choose according to your annual membership fee and bonus miles.
Student cards so many of you have any one is not it.

However, note that is, JAL card for JMB WAON credit charge to pick.Here to make mistakes and mileage Please note hard to accumulate.

You can see if you look at the JAL card site, money (fees) pay more prone to accumulate miles.

If you have not just JAL hate!I will put the spending this much so far.

Yes, it is another's, and also have a credit card, dues idiot had to come to.

Is choose a card normally for the time being.

One year is the annual fee.

It is also easy to earn, but I try and try I have from the first year dues over to Ali.

I think if I'm paying dues, some gold, Platinum is the plus 25% of flight miles, absolutely prohibits the JAL aim here is good.


When using the JBM WAON earning 1 at 200 yen.
In addition to earlier JAL card shopping mileage premium subscription and charge together and earn 1 mileage at 100 yen.

I also shopped a little close to your home or workplace shop ion series can be quite prone to accumulate.

Is targeting bonus points in addition to the usual WAON points.

Also today, in ion series mini utility bills with JBM WAON can now.

By paying even utility bills by JBM WAON card in daily necessities, plus go saved more and more every month.

JAL mileage for points which are featured

It's basically working with the save point and relay sites, but currently is in Ponta save easy-to-is not it.

To present a point card (not credit card feature requires this) the payment by JBM WAON card above.

And please to JBM WAON card charge cards.

This makes at one time purchases (payments) efficiently saving mileage to go.

Repeat the points conversion via point site, hapitas, ANA ANA miles, but JAL and would rather go directly saved image so it is trivial.

Like JAL is constant, and even where this is not better of JAL Mileage number or why that might be.

If Edamame soy beans Mylar friend JAL School of hate is troublesome to fix pay pop! and have money if you do the tedious things not stingy with the money in it.

Conversely, Mylar Edamame soy beans themselves are too kind but I'm not chose ANA?… have JAL faction along with ANA does not go to tra
vel on. (because they do not only JAL.)。

But either ANA or JAL good honest curiosity take Edamame soy beans Mylar.It is both love and airplane!JAL soup good opportunity and will I enjoy the journey.

In the end

Thankfully I got a nice voice that want to enjoy the journey, but at the same time we asked having credit or points site is fear still.

There were such people have in the current cash basis complete is difficult, but I avoid card.

I think next time want to explain no selling in the world with credit card and point site system is.

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