ANA international flight premium economy class cup noodles supervised by IPPUDO appeared

ANA airplane

ANA international first class business class offers ramen which IPPUDO planned and supervised . In addition to that, a new menu of IPPUDO supervision was added to the snacks for premium economy seats since December 2017.


IPPUDO’s cup noodles “Ramen in Chicken and Pork Soup with Yuzu-citrus Flavor”

Collaboration between ANA and IPPUDO began in 2013.
It is created from the addition of this new menu that good partnership is continuing.

Let’s see an overview of the new menu.

Ramen in Chicken and Pork Soup with Yuzu-citrus Flavor

The following explanation is made on ANA’s official site.

We infused the soup with the mild flavor of chicken and the intense umami taste of pork, hoping our customers will feel relaxed in the sky.

I think that this ramen is reproducing ramen which was offered for a limited time in Japan around 2013.

It is a cup noodle so it differs slightly from the state provided at the store.

Applicable class

New menus are developed and provided exclusively for the ANA International Premium Economy class.

Until now, IPPUDO’s ramen was offered only for first class and business class.
The addition of this menu is likely to increase the enjoyment of air travel for premium economy users.

Applicable routes

  • Flights from Narita/Haneda to Europe
  • Flights from Narita/Haneda to India
  • Flights from Narita/Haneda to Bangkok
  • Flights from Narita/Haneda to Singapore

It will not be offered on North America, Mexico, Sydney, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur route, which is not the above route.

Provision method

It is prepared from the end of the first meal service until the beginning of the second meal service.

Because it is a premium economy class, it will be offered in cup noodles. It is different from business class and other services.

It is also clear from the image of the official ANA site.

Alliance between IPPUDO and ANA

Since June 2013, ANA has started offering Hakata IPPUDO’s ramen as one of the international first class, Western and business class light snack menu.

In the beginning ANA offered “SoraTon” of Tonkotsu flavor and “Furusato” of soy sauce taste. After September 2014, it changed from “Furusato” of soy sauce taste to “Daichi ” of Miso sauce taste .

Since September 2014, ANA has expanded its offering line to Asian routes as well. “SoraTon” is offered on North American routes from Japan, European routes from and to Japan and Bangkok and Singapore routes. Also, “Daichi” is offered on North American routes arriving in Japan and Jakarta arriving and departing from Japan.

The reason that ANA provides “Daichi” that does not use meat on the Jakarta line cites the fact that there are many customers living mainly in vegetable food.

Today, Ichibodo ramen became a popular item from outside of Japan. Therefore, you may run out of stock unless you have secured immediately from boarding.


ANA began offering cup noodles “Ramen in Chicken and Pork Soup with Yuzu-citrus Flavor” supervised by Hakata Ichido only for international premium economy class.

It seems to have reproduced the ramen that was previously offered at the Ichido store for a limited time only.

Although the lines offered are limited, when you board the Premium Economy, why do not you try it.

I planned to go to Malaysia soon, I was planning to book Kuala Lumpur route with pre-eco in truth, together with the taste report, but unfortunately it is not offered on the Kuala Lumpur route, I decided to add a report on the taste.

The chicken pig buckwheat that was served at IPPUDO was very tasty, so please try eating if you have this cup noodle on the route where you are to be ridden.

If premium economy class is also a bit expensive on a budgetary level, we recommend that you save miles and ride a boat.

The way to accumulate ANA miles in large quantities is introduced in this article (explanation of how to save miles in 3 steps), so please refer to it.