Shortly, Peach will start Bitcoin payment


Payment of bit coins such as air tickets announced by Peach Aviation Corporation on May 22, 2017 will soon begin.

The start date has not been announced yet, but it will be started by the end of December 2017.

Since the service provided by Peach, a subsidiary of ANA, is considered to include the possibility that ANA will develop similar services in the future, we will summarize the concrete contents.

Even if you do not have a bit coin, let ‘s look at Peach’ s service content as knowledge.


Payment service with scheduled bit coin

The services by bit coin which Peach has announced are as follows.

As soon as additional information is announced, we will post additional notes as needed.

  • Purchase of tickets
  • Set up a bit coin exclusive ATM automatic teller machine at the airport, exchange from bit coin to cash

The main services announced in May 2017 are the above two points.

Details such as whether service can be used on all the routes operated by Peach are unknown. As for payment on the WEB site, it is assumed that it will be eligible for all routes as it can deal with personal sites as well.

As for the ATM installation to the airport, if it is one at one airport, it will be possible to install it to all airports with routes.

I regard the users of the main service as customers from China. Therefore, speed of deployment is emphasized. On the other hand, ATM itself will be a provisional service before bit coin penetration, as domestic shops and transportation industries will similarly deal with payment with bit coins if ATM is not needed.

Bitcoin Payment Future developments

CEO Shinichi Inoue commented on direct settlement with this bit coin as follows.

“I hope that bit coin will be more familiar by handling with Bit Point Japan Ltd. In the future, Hokkaido, Tohoku and Okinawa will be model districts and cooperate with local governments and local companies as well While increasing the number of affiliated stores that can purchase with bit coins, Asian customers who visited the metropolitan area and Kansai will aim to build tricks to rural areas and promote regional creation. “

It is spoken about the future development including the spreading activity to the local companies etc. of the route operated by Peach.

Among them, we are looking forward to the announcement of this year, what kind of expansion can be expanded for Hokkaido, Tohoku and Okinawa, which are mentioned as concrete model districts.

Perhaps it is likely that ANA will develop a similar service in peach company after testing various services and spreading bit coins and successfully flowing.

Since ANA has made capital tie-ups and replacing it with its own system by a wholly-owned airline, it is anticipated that services and systems newly started by subsidiaries will be able to be used mutually as it is in ANA It will be.

Also, since it is a service to start with Bit Point, it may be necessary to have a company account for using the service.

Let’s see what kind of company it is with Bit Point Japan, how to open an account, etc.

What is Bit Point Japan Company?

Peach selected the settlement service partner with Bitcoin as a company called BitPoint Japan which manages a virtual currency exchange.

Let’s see what kind of company is Bit Point Japan.

Company Profile

The company outline of Bit Point Japan is as follows.

Company name Bit point Japan Co., Ltd.
Company name English display BITPoint Japan Co., Ltd. 
Virtual currency switch Kanto Finance Bureau No. 00009
Representative Representative Director and President Genki Oda
Head office location 〒153-0043
1-5-4 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
KDX Naka-Meguro Building 2F
Establishment date 3rd March 2016
Capital 430 million yen (including capital reserve)
Major shareholder Remix Point Inc.
Management member
Special Advisor: Masayuki Hino
President and Representative Director: Oda Genro
Representative Director CTO: Tsutomu HARADA
Director: Chiharu Hayashi
Corporate Auditor: Hiroyuki Hanaoka
Money lender registration number Tokyo Governor (1) No. 31660
Subscription association Japan Virtual Currency Business Operators Association

Since establishing in March 2016 as a subsidiary of Remix Point Co., Ltd. (Securities Code: 3825), a listed company on the TSE, Bit Point Japan has conducted virtual currency transaction services such as bit coins and other FinTech related business I will.

Under the motto of “realizing safe and secure transactions”, we have developed a service that has enhanced support to customers under a strict management system, and as virtual currency “means to use, send and invest” We are expanding and strengthening our services and improving quality to make them more popular.

In addition, Peach is the first company in Bit Point’s domestic alliance.

Bit point Japan account opening method

Let’s take a look at how to set up an account at Bit Point Japan which seems to be necessary to use the bit coin payment service provided by Peach.

  1. Access to
  2. Click on the account opening in the upper right
    Bitpoint web site
  3. Enter necessary items in the Bit Point General Account Opening Application Form
  4. Confirm your entries
  5. Upload personal identification document
     One point is required for documents containing face pictures (such as a driver’s license), and two separate documents are required if there is no face picture.

This completes the procedure for opening an account at Bit Point.

After that, the application confirmation email arrives, the account opening work will proceed after the review, after the completion you will complete the entire process with e-mail notification, simple registered mail receipt.

* It is not announced at the time of writing that Peach will need an account for payment.

About bit coin · encryption currency

Encryption currency (virtual currency) · What is bit coin

I think that there are many people who are familiar with bit coins, but I will briefly explain only the overview.

The term “virtual currency” used in Japan, meaning “currency” of “virtual” as it is, but overseas the word “encryption currency” is used instead of virtual currency.

As we use encryption theory to secure the security of transactions and control currency of new issuance, we use “cryptographic currency” abroad, so that there is no cash in Japan It is often called “virtual currency”.

In 2009 bit coin appeared as the first decentralized cryptographic currency.

In other words, a bit coin is one of the currencies where cryptographic theory is used to ensure the safety of transactions and the control of that new issue.

Bitcoin’s main exchange (Japan)

In Japan, bit coins are recognized as one of public payment instruments.

Also, in the EU, the EU Supreme Court ruled that “Bit coin is similar to currency”, so in Europe it is basically in a condition to be treated as a currency.

When accepted as a means of public payment, the bit coin which has been only an object until now will be converted into money, so various tax and regulation related laws are applied, and in Japan the virtual currency is converted into the actual currency We are obliged to register with the Financial Services Agency for those who replace them.

As a result, only firms registered by the Financial Services Agency can buy and sell bit coins, so that users are protected.

Bit point Japan which is a partner of the service provided by Peach is also registered as “Kanto Finance Bureau No. 00009”.

There are other bit-coin exchanges in Japan, and price exchanges of bit coins are occurring somewhat by each exchange.

Purchasing a bit coin as a base when purchasing a Peach flight ticket does not matter at any exchange, so it is important to purchase at a cheaper exchange or a lower price exchange Would be nice.

Below we list the exchanges where there are many users in Japan.

The above four companies are also large in transaction volume of users and bit coins even in Japan.

Recently there are exchanges doing TV commercials, so some people may have heard of the name.

Still, if you do not have a bit coin, how about opening an account and opening an account for each account maintenance and account maintenance fee is free.

If you do not do margin transactions such as FX, purchasing a bit coin does not change much from yen yen exchange like dollars.

If you use only Japanese yen in Japan, you may not be conscious of currency exchange, but the value of the yen against the dollar and the euro is going up and down every day.

Bit coins are also the same, as bit coins may be more valuable or purchased after purchase.

Since there is no cost to open accounts with all four companies, first try registering and trying to compare fees, transaction methods, usability, and so on.

The author himself has accounts of all the above four companies and deals, but I change the exchanges to use according to the encryption currency to be handled.

At this point there is no need to narrow down to one company somewhere, and it is judged that it is better to choose each time according to how to use it.

The method of opening an account at each exchange is also the same as Bit Point Japan, just input on WEB → upload principal confirmation document → accept simple registered mail.

Points to remember after opening an account

Those who manage bank accounts on the web are probably doing 2-step verification, but let’s also set up 2-step certification for bit coin exchanges after opening accounts.

Even if the password is leaked and analyzed on the network, procedures such as login and transfer of bit coin can not be done without charge if it is 2-step authentication.

If you set up 2-step authentication immediately after opening an account, you can use it safely and with confidence.

Relationship between Peach and ANA

Finally, I will touch a little about Peach.

Those who normally only use legacy carriers and full service carriers may not be familiar to them, but Peach is an LCC (Low Cost Carrier) airline and becomes a subsidiary of ANA.

Peach Company Profile

Peach is an LCC that began operations in Kansai Airport as a base in March 2012.

In July 2014, we set Naha Airport as the base after the Kansai Airport, base to Haneda Airport in August 2015, Sendai Airport in September 2017 and New Chitose Airport in 2018 We plan to make it to the airport.

Company name Peach Aviation Co., Ltd.
Representative Representative Director and CEO Shinichi Inoue
Head office location Osaka Prefecture Sennan-gun, Tajiri-cho, Quanzhou Airport 1
Establishment date February 10, 2011
Capital 15,000,050,000 yen
(Including capital 7,515,050,000 yen)
Major shareholder ANA Holdings Co., Ltd. (67.0%)
First Eastern Aviation Holdings Limited(17.9%)
Industrial Innovation Corporation (INCJ) (15.1%)

Previously, the major shareholders had capital composition at about 1/3 each, but now ANA Holdings is 67%, as mentioned above, Peach is a subsidiary of ANA.


Better coin settlement of flight tickets etc. released from Peach Aviation Co., Ltd. will start service within 2 months.

As long as Peach can successfully introduce it, there is a possibility that similar services may be started in ANA.

In Japan, bit coins are accepted as public means of settlement, and there is a high possibility that settlement using such encryption currencies spread further in various parts of the world in the future.

Now those who do not possess a bit coin may also open an account at the exchange, get a bit coin, and grasp the contents of knowledge and services that will be needed in the future.