It should be noted have thoracic card application when you join ANA Mileage Club

Read our blog or any other land Miller blog, saving mileage why don't you go on a trip abroad after a long time taking a passport for the first time, went abroad, let us think people from applying for a thoracic card there is ANA Mileage Club membership and will be also on the ANA Mileage Club member in thoracic card application and at the same time, they need not good thing to note.

You do not need to worry about already ANA Mileage Club members who made integration of miles, as new customers to switch to introduce this issue.



ANA Mileage Club member's thoracic card application when the name same as Passport name.


Thoracic card application will be in the JCB site in Roman alphabet name an item in the entry.

Join ANA Mileage Club is entered here requires attention.

Thoracic &ANA Mileage Club membership application

Customer number at the top is blank second ANA Mileage Club member who will be entering from point course selection.

And Roman alphabet followed by name, but usually use in the domestic credit card is issued in non-Hepburn's favorite things.

For example, jotaro Ito and for those who,


And as good and


But do not become especially here the notation is to use, and can be issued in either.

Is the thoracic card is card jointly issued by the three companies of ANA and JCB, the Tokyo Metro.

This means that cards issued by airlines;

You notice that fit your passport and the romanization of the credit cards issued by airlines.

Romanization of the name ANA as well as in thoracic card other than ANA card publishing, to publish the ANA Mileage Club card when entering a sure Passport name (usually Hepburn view) and has inspired sympathy for the same.

I can understand is, of course, getting in the Hepburn system other than passports, to issue cards in its notation.Those who already have a passport, same as the display name of the passport from passports to issue such as Hepburn in card issuance and issuance of passports.


Assuming you? why we need such a thing, it is granted to Passport, credit card, passport, frequent flyer miles, overseas and character different from the same person.

Cannot prove that can't understand people in other countries Japan language sound representation of the difference, so the romanization of all fit the Passport is the same person.

Because the thoracic card fit on screen is shown on your passport and such information is not displayed, but thoracic card application when Rome is basically take the passport from the Passport name characters are both good to apply for in the Hepburn system.


What happens if I make a thoracic card in your Passport name and a different?


So, the romanization differs from passport thoracic card application and issuance has become of me?

When you use the ANA domestic flights to use credit cards in Japan, no problem.

Done no passport issuance or granting of mileage without problems.

Problem is only available in foreign countries is.

Thoracic card etc payment without thoracic card issued at romanization of the ANA Mileage Club card it is because romanization of thoracic card is used in the issuance of passports.

Because unlike appears in the passport and the Passport, and not be considered the same person in the worst case, travel day will be that on the plane ride itself.

In addition, a couple of days if discovered ago, waiting to KenCell, causing corrections (cancellation) of the passport and, if you don't have a ticket on the same flight.

It is prone to trouble and different Passport name and also if you pay with a credit card deposit upon check-in in hotel accommodation, etc., etc..

Travel, travel agents, tour fees, depending on the store to request copy of your Passport.

To avoid trouble on the day of this turn had fill out the application form with the notation of the Passport is no doubt what the purpose is.

Is is correct when you join ANA Mileage Club a lot recently is all done in order to keep the best way.

If you were married in Japan (many women) if as a surname change, therefore different Passport and view from the frequent flyer Club web site changes are enabled.

In addition, if if and only if in reissued credit cards available on the net is almost.

Most troublesome is if people differ from your Passport name.

This is for the operator and directly talk, in some cases upon the submission of copies of documents, passports, etc..


Thoracic card reissue to match Passport name


Thoracic card cases, Passport name and different only if can change in two places of the ANA Mileage Club web site and the JCB web site (My JCB), can be done on the fly.

Phone could do of course, but Internet is without doubt each other I think.

If you change the name of a little cumbersome, but ANA Mileage Club card contact phone and explain the situation to the operator and provides verification of personal information and the Roman alphabet.

Check the ANA side will change the view in a few hours, so access to frequent flyer Club web site, same as shown on your Passport.

Modified JCB and Tokyo Metro from ANA thoracic card credit card jointly issued by ANA and JCB, and Tokyo Metro, so information is shared.

That has changed on the system at this point are all new ones.

Is a must in automatic representation of the cards on hand so the reissuing of a card required, this user to separately request to JCB.


JCB as well to explain the situation to the telephone operator, we make of personal information and the Roman alphabet would be reissued.

However, the thoracic card is temporarily unavailable as is newly arrived for a credit card with PASMO cards.

Old cards (incorrect romanization) new is transferring data from a PASMO features required to card (correct romanization).

Discard the old card after transferring in the station Office handling PASMO.

Do not discard prior to transferring.

PASMO transferring the employee to ask in writing are written, in vending machines can be so you can see how you would just direct straight to the ticket.

Parked is expressed different passports and had issue a thoracic card just in case the new card to arrive to settle in the old card, is much less likely especially better with the correct card payments such as overseas trips in later get into trouble.

Thoracic card for lost or stolen items, not in any notation changes, charge a fee in the cost burden that it won't.


You should change the representation of the other thoracic


People have gotten so far in all of the credit cards have many different passports and that is not it.

I wouldn't blame Passport name and not on making cash cards or credit cards in Japan and if you don't, because the Roman alphabet can apply for free.

Even said it, no matter how much Hepburn's standard taro was written taro and I hate it how many irasshaimasu.

Already more than one and align as shown on your passport card holders have every card ever cards of two possession are no problem.

I think it better if you keep your passport and you will have no problem when used in Japan as mentioned at the beginning, so they go abroad and airline-related cards.

Otherwise, it takes extra effort and card destruction do you have turned on the phone when you next publish, after a number of years to the same Passport for all credit card you can.

Most are clean and hope in change only the internal data to telephone operators and become new card renewal notice should tell.

It will not become a problem locally, so good once you focus on the passport card card will have you had five or six credit cards in Japan, go to travel abroad, etc..




At the thoracic card application written in romaji input match the Passport note is not shown on your passport application the same romanization.

Trouble ticketing when used overseas, and ANA Mileage Club, passport, not aboard the plane for the worst.

Credit cards in foreign countries and airline-related cards fibres shown on your passport change or reissue to keep.

At the time noticed but not complete thoracic card no 2 phones and reissue fee, so call support desk as soon as possible.


&gt; Knowledge <

You can register Mileage Bank doesn't understand because it never confirmed in the ANA for JAL domestic flights and international flights and romanization divides.

For example, and referred to ITOU JYOUTAROU for domestic flights, international flights if ITO JYOTARO.

In this way, in his familiar romanization, is made including the grant of mileage without problems abroad as the same as shown on your Passport.

Able to address is changed the notation for JAL Mileage Bank support desk at home and abroad want to ask if you might could do ANA, but in doing so.


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